Wuxing Worldwide Shipping

Wuxing Worldwide Shipping is a Wuxing Inc division. They may not ship the other AAA corporate goods, but Wuxing picks up the slack by providing reliable transport for AA and A corps. On the West Coast Wuxing ships for Delek Dragon, Global Sandstorm, Universal Omnitech, United Oil, and Zeta-ImpChem. Wuxing’s finance subsidiaries have been lending money to AA and A crops as well as the Council for quite some time, placing many of the A corps in positions for Wuxing takeover.

On the East coast of Africa the AA corp Prosperity Development Corporation has won multiple bids to reconstruct major African cities; this is a positive for Wuxing, PDC only ships with them. This has negatively affected piracy on the East coast. Wuxing has made deals or blown away most of the pirates on the East coast and are starting the same on the West.

Other large movements in Wuxing has been Lotus Multimedia buying out a lot of the entertainment corps in the East and Red Wheel Engineering has started to build a floating prison off of Kenya.

In Lagos, Wuxing will pay a premium (¥¥¥) for awakened children and technomancers.

Wuxing Worldwide Shipping

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