Crew Rating: 98% (3 Reviews)

Crew Reputation (-100 to +100): 15
Comments Fast and efficient group. Brought the target back in excellent condition. Very polite and reasonable. A little edgy.
Crew Street Cred: 2
Crew Notoriety: 3
Crew Public Awareness: 1

Total Runs: 3
Total Cash Made: 55,000¥/1,100,000₦

How Rates Work: The standard rates listed are for moderately dangerous and difficult jobs. For easier jobs, cut the rate in half. For specifically dangerous jobs, such as breaking into an A corp or participating in a shadow war, double the rate. For jobs like breaking into AA and AAA corps the cost is at least 50,000¥ (or 1,000,000₦).
Higher profile runs are also worth more than lower profile and the crew’s rating and reputation plays into it. If a rising trid-star wants to blackmail a producer that might cost 20,000¥, but when the local pimp wants to blackmail a rival cherubium that may be only 5,000¥—even though there are twenty heavily armed jazzed up boosters surrounding the cherubium and only two slightly argumented guards beside the producer.
At the same time, different corporations will pay different amounts for different jobs, they may even pay a different amount for the exact same job. An EVO project manager might offer 25,000¥ for a four metahuman crew to break into and datasteal a Shiawase black lab while a Horizon project manager might pay 40,000¥. It depends on the specifics of the job and on who wants what more.
Speed is of the essence. Some jobs need to be done quickly and will put more nuyen up front, while others may take a month and pay 200¥ a day. At the same time, Johnsons may offer specific crews jobs who have no been on a run in a while. Beggars cannot be choosers.
Runners should be open to all possibilities, you never know when you’ll get the next job.
It is 20 naira (₦) to 1 nuyen (¥)

Run Type Number of Runs Number of Successful Runs Standard Rate
Assassination 0 0 10,000¥/200,000₦
Blackmail 0 0 5,000¥/100,000₦
Bodyguard 0 0 7,000¥/140,000₦
Courier 0 0 4,000¥/80,000₦
Datasteal 0 0 5,000¥/100,000₦
Destruction 0 0 7,000¥/140,000₦
Distraction 0 0 6,000¥/120,000₦
Decryption/Encryption 0 0 5,000¥/100,000₦
Enforcement 0 0 7,000¥/140,000₦
Extraction 3 3 8,000¥/160,000₦
Hoax/Counterfeit 0 0 5,000¥/100,000₦
Investigation 0 0 5,000¥/100,000₦
Plant 0 0 6,000¥/120,000₦
Retrieval 0 0 5,000¥/100,000₦
Security 0 0 6,000¥/120,000₦
Tail Chaser 0 0 5,000¥/100,000₦
War 0 0 10,000¥/200,000₦
Wild Things 0 0 6,000¥//120,000₦


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