By Handbook

Here is a list of notable Shadowrunners and their crews.

The Brood: SpottedHyena, Circuit, LooseUser, JustBiz, Osirus
Spot keeps a tight ship. Their primarily involved with B&E jobs on corp territory.
Kimp Vita: Tender, Levihade, FacilityOfLove, Noir
An all female team that has ins with the Daughters. They are professional and get the job done at any monetary cost. Good reps all around.
Enfoir├ęs: RedLine, Backhanded, TaxiDriver, Cobra, ZZZ
Notorious for being vicious and foul: these runners mean business. Physical running is their biz.
Neon Buzz (Buzzers): Electrice, Matricks, Simple7
They hang around Fetsac and do all sorts of interesting work, but their specialty is in intellectual work, mainly datastealing and distraction.
Whyte Noice: PrettyPrincess (PP) , SixShooter, Tops, DarkSign, Monty
These guys are a crew of oyibos straight from Seattle. They did a job and decided to stay and see the sights. Princess is a bounty hunter, and her team has lead some very successful hits against gangs, wageslaves, and other crews. They are obviously not on Sphinx and not to be trusted.

ArrowHey where is my crew?

ArrowYou need more cred before you can play with the older brothers.

ArrowWarningSign? I’ve never heard of him.


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