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ArrowSphinx is the Shadow Network data haven for Africa and some of the Middle East. Play nice padi and no one will get banned. As it is with all Shadow Network havens there are weekly back-ups sent to Nexus for security in case we get a knife in the back. To make sure Sphinx is safe, invitations are not on a ‘wakka rye in’ basis. If you know an oyibos or an egbe on the block who wants in, he has to earn it.

Travel Guide

Duante’s Top Ten Tips To Surviving in Lagos
SpottedHyena’s Guide to Lagos Slang
Levihade’s Tour of the Districts of Lagos
Whot! The Corporate Shuffle in Lagos
Tender’s Guide to the Lagos Shadows
Shadowrunners by Handbook
Big Players by Handbook

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H!jynx’s Node

Who We Know: Contacts
Who We Hate: Enemies
Where We Live: Lifestyle
What We’ve Done: Statistics
Who We Have Worked For: Known Johnsons

Main Page

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