The apartment is in Mushin close to the better part of the district near Lagos Mainland. They live in a four story flat building with two apartments on the second, third, and fourth floor. The high rent pays for the good location and services.

Comforts: Low (2) Secondhand furniture and a working colour CRT TV.
Entertainment: Low (2) Drinking at the Baka is what most people do to spend their time anyway.
Necessities: Medium (3) 24/7/365 Matrix access, sanitized water, indoor plumbing, and electricity. Hot water is only available for two hours a day, but it is a small price to pay. Food is soy, krill, and the native Baka grub.
Neighbourhood: Low (2) Shootings, thievery, and other crime happens often, but the local tribe keeps most violence to acceptable levels.
Security: Middle (3) Device Rating: 3; Professional Rating 2; There are heavy locks. The landlord’s security guards the place, but they are not likely to go out of their way for anyone.

Concerned Neighbours +2: Because of their backgrounds, the housemates carefully monitor who is going in and out of the building and will worry if someone is missing or their is a loud noise at night.
Free Access +1: There are a handful of well kept nodes around that you can access.
Hasty Exit +2: There are multiple stairwells in the hallway and a handy fire escape.
Workplace +1: The crew has a large storage shed to keep their car and any other large items.

Crash Pad –1: No matter how hard the runners try their friends always get into their place.
Lax Security –2: The security goons that the Landlord keeps are a couple of older guys with AK-97s. They are friendly to the tenants and guarantee a good amount of security from smaller timers—but if they are outgunned they will back down.
Living By Committee –2: The Landlord doesn’t want to do all of the chores, he sections the tenants to make a committee that controls things like their matrix coverage, electricity and water providers, and who is paying for the gang fees that week. There are meetings once or twice a month.
Worse Neighbours –1: The Landlord and his security live on the first floor. The runners and a Thai prostitute live on a second floor. The third floor tenants are a drug dealer and a high-class booster. On the fourth floor there is a there is an elf that works night hours; he shows up for the committee meetings. A sasabonsam lives in the basement.

Eja: Booster
Henry Tailor: Elf on the fourth floor
Lamai Montri: Prostitute
Mustafa: Sasabonsam
Rake: Drug Dealer


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