Guide to the Lagos Shadows

By Tender

There is a specific way that the Lagos shadows run, and anyone who does not follow the rules gets fucked by their fathers and brothers in a hard way.

Getting a Job

There are three ways to get a job: know a fixer, know a Johnson, or pick a job up off of a wall. Fixers are the most reliable way for most groups to get off and running quickly. A crew should have a specialty, that way the fixers know what to sift out to you first. Egbe do not get that luxury, so if your fixer gives you a security job, you take it or he will give it to the next person. Fixers are honest and should look out for their teams, but if you don’t finish a job or dishonour them be ready to be hung out to dry. Having multiple fixers is good for a crew to keep jobs coming.
Knowing a Johnson from a corp directly through commlink is an easy way to get constant work from a specific corp. The pay is better than usual and they will look out for you insofar as you are their assets. Be warned though: don’t let them think you are on their leash. Being runners for a crop and being on their payroll are totally different and can conflict with other jobs and be an inconvenience. Know your long-term Johnsons and make sure they are honest. It is only your fault if they fuck you.
The final way is through picking up a job is on a job wall. These are not very reputable and do not pay well, but they are always on high demand. These are usually dirty wetwork jobs. At your local baka, pick up one of the job tabs and call up the Johnson. It is as easy as that.

ArrowThe woman is right. Those wall jobs are dangerous. I once grabbed one for our crew when the work was slow one month. Turned out to be a trap set by a group of sasabonsam. Turned into Chinese take-out. We made it out, but that was too close for comfort.

ArrowNo idea what you whiners are talking about. Wall jobs give you cred and give them quick. Sure the jobs are messy, but who doesn’t like getting their hands dirty once and a while?


Every stage has its own etiquette and procedure. Treat everyone the way the ought to be and there will be no hard feelings. Let’s start at the bottom and work up. Never betray your crew. Your team should be the most trusted people in the sprawl. If you are dishonest about run info or cause them to get screwed your going to get a bad rep.

ArrowWhen you get down to it: you only own your rep. Take care of it and it will do you well.

Treat other shadowrunners as padi. They are brothers in shadows, but sometimes brothers fight. Do unto them as you would have done to yourself. The more of a chummer you are the better the other runners will be to you. Sometimes jobs call for crews to fight it out. When that happens, well, that is how the shadows run.

A fixer is your gateway to the shadows. They offer you jobs, fence your stuff, and find advice. A fixer’s rep is directly linked to the teams he runs. If you know that a job is out of your league then do not take it. If you cannot finish a job, tell the Johnson that it is out of your league and to hire new guys. They will gladly let you off. Ditching a job reflects poorly on yourself and the fixer.

The metahuman who offers the job is always either Mr. or Mrs. Johnson. There are no two ways about it—unless they want to be called something else; if they want to be called something else they will tell you. When you go to meet a Johnson, be on time or a little early. Johnsons always pick up the tab, which means that you do not pig out and eat everything on the menu. The Johnson will talk business when she sees fit. Once she does, feel free to ask questions about the job. Do not question the Johnson’s honesty, trust, or their background. Those are big no-nos egbes. Play it cool and they should not fuck you.

When You Get Fucked

Alright, sometimes during the job the run goes down shit creek. There are a some reasons why that would happen: your crew was not prepared, there were complications, or your Johnson fucked you. If one or two happens you better haul ass, lay low, and hope everyone thinks you are dead in the canal. However, when you Johnson fucks you you have certain liberties that you can fall back on: mainly making that sorry bastard pay. Normally offing a Johnson is poor form that reflects badly on you and your fixer, but in this case it shows that you do not enjoy being played and will do something about it. The usual is taking what you are owed as agreed upon. Extra annoyances may cause the need to destroy the Johnson’s reputation, leak their files to a data haven, or kill the fuck (in that order). Geekin’ the Johnson may be acceptable, but not everyone will appreciate it. Keep that in mind. Maybe showing up at the rendez-vous point after they send a hit-team after you is just the message the Johnson needs to know that you are competent runners.

Guide to the Lagos Shadows

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