Districts of Lagos

By Levihade

All of you egbe and oyibos better know where you are going and what language you are speaking when you get there or the shit will hit the fan faster than an okada in rush hour.


The Igbo and their Area Boys firmly hold Agege. Anyone in the street who isn’t Igbo had better look tougher than the Area Boys or there will be a very steep fine. Agege is run by the dibas: a cadre of Igbo magicians that form a proto-government. They are helpful to the district residents and give them potions for ailments (if they can pay of course). Small vendors line the streets and the only big market is the Dubu Dubu Oja Arms market. It is an unofficial neutral zone and not even the Area Boys operate in there. The Dubu has every type of weapon, poison, or ware that you could ever want. On good days in the giant tents at the centre they even have the newest drones, ware, weapons, and tanks, a little battle worn, but nothing that elbow grease won’t fix.

ArrowDubu is a great place to lay low and hide from any number of gangs. Nobody draws a gun in Dubu.


This place is a barren wasteland that used to be populated by metahumans. It is now terrorized by shedim, paracritters, and the ever encroaching jungle. People who live there are downright fuck-nuts.


This is the harbour district of Lagos and it is run my Akin Chukumah. Akin is the self styled dockmaster who gained the power after he squashed Roger Iweke with a pre-planted car bomb. He charges a pretty penny for the use of the port and the dockside warehouses. His boys control the area fairly well, but Area Boys and other street gangs run a muck in the outskirts. The prominence of the harbour comes from Lagos the being the only free sprawl on Africa’s West side that the corps can use as they please. The heavily armed corporate security and transport tankers are not as easy to bribe as the usual crowd and are normally spotted by forcing the crew to stay on their boat.
Apapa is more than just a harbour; it also houses the most profitable red-light district in Lagos with more than a few places with AR capabilities. The weak of heart best not take a run hitting a cherubium: killing kids is never easy to get over. Most of the housing in the area is mediocre, but there is electricity and matrix access most of the day and running water with proper sanitation. Just be sure to pay the local street gang of the week their fee and you should be good.

ArrowDon’t forget the drug dens. Meleke’s has an extensive bazaar of awakened and mundane goodies in the backrooms and the lead-coated basement. He won’t let anyone down, so try to get a good word from a Hawala or one of his better associates.

ArrowYou would know, Meleke’s is a cherubium.


There are three places of interest in Babagry: Ajegunle, the Babagry Freeway, and Fetsac Town. Ajegunle is the largest slum in Lagos and the most populous in all of Africa. The slum is crammed with shanties on stilts with planks and ladders to get around without going onto the turf and waterways below. The Igbo tribe controls the northern slum, and those who are not Igbo pay a hefty price for their protection. To the south the Babagry Creek separates Ajegunle from the ocean. The near side is deforested and filled with more shacks and shanties on stilts. Many small gangs roam the south, and when the Igbo try to gain territory they raise hell. Ajegunle is one of the most dangerous places in Lagos. If you want an illegal service, you can probably find it in Ajegunle.
The Babagry Freeway is where the route to the ghoul country of Asamando starts. It has the nickname of the Fleshway. Go gangs speed around taking tolls or nicer vehicles while fleshtraders escort their convoys of goods north before taking one of the many secret routes. The Fleshway may be dangerous, but it is faster than driving around in Ajegunle.
Fetsac Town is the hacker haven of Lagos. 24/7/365 matrix access with rows of cybercafes and netdens. The net gangs in Fetsac take fees for using the matrix to keep it running, not too much to ask for a rare service in Lagos. The net gangs are quite notorious for their Nigerian Price and Lagosian Dating scams on international targets to try earn some nuyen. The mesh in Fetsac is nigh untraceable, making it difficult for corps to exact vengeance on guilty parties hacking in from Fetsac.

ArrowTry hitting up NetExpress or N10 for some good matrix time. These are hotspots that offer reliable connects and undisturbed AR or VR time. If you can, try to get in with the Hausa Hacks. They’ll get you some shiny gear for a relatively good price.

ArrowThere are a lot of pretty ladies in N10 as well. Only 10 naria for a ride.

ArrowIf you mean twelve year old girls by ‘ladies’ then yes, there are ladies available.

ArrowThe Onyara are a technomancer gang in Fetsac that operate very carefully. They can grab deleted data or provide you with some muscle if you need to bust some heads in Fetsac.

ArrowYou’re pulling my leg Matricks, there is no technomacer gang in Lagos.


Factories, towering apartment complexes, and the grey soot which covers everything in the district characterize Ikeja. There are warehouses and factories crammed in along single-lane roads. The main factory owners are S-K, Aztechology, Zeta-ImpChem, Horizon, and Shiawase. All sorts of goods are manufactured in these factories, and they are prime targets for runners. This portion of Ikeja is the largest target and consumer of the white-collar slave trade.

Ikyoi Island

This is the least wealthy of the three islands. It is home to most of the wageslaves that work on the Mainland or on Lagos Island Proper. They live in corporate sponsored neighbourhoods or apartment complexes fenced off and guarded with heavy security. This is a good neighbourhood to go walking in to find corp secrets or steal some passkeys from slaves who just got off work.


This part of town is controlled by the Awori, and it is kept under strict sharia (Islamic law). Other gangs stay out of this part of town because of the Awori’s very strict adherence to the codes of conduct (both the crimes and the punishments). You can stroll around Mushin and see someone being stoned at any point in the day. Due to this Mushin is a very stable district comparatively speaking. You could live their easily as long as you are fine with going to another district to drink.
The markets all open air, but they are renowned throughout Africa for their quality.
In the centre of Mushin is Blessing Ojo’s mansion. He is a Lagos crime-lord and head of the Awori tribe. He is highly revered and his criminal actions such as arms dealing, producing toxic pharmaceuticals, and dealing in the flesh-trade.

ArrowBlessing also hires runners for some of his business ventures against corps, crimelords, and other tribes. He is a very powerful man.

ArrowHe is also a Harvard graduate.


There are very few reasons why a native would go into this district. It was burnt to the ground between 2011 and 2012 because of the VITAS riots. Surulere was hit the hardest out of all the districts in Lagos with millions dying. Magicians get weird astral vibes from it and the creepy sounds of paracritters and sasabonsam make it terrifying for most folks—but for runners this is a prime spot for corporate black labs that are to be hidden from being accidentally stumbled on. The entire district is surrounded by a pile of garbage and refuse. No one goes there without a reason.

ArrowMy crew went in there last month. The place is astrally fucked. We where in their for half an hour before shit went downhill. I have never seen so many ghosts.

ArrowThe black labs are hot spots for corp activity. Don’t be messing around around a lab when a fireteam rolls by for the daily patrol.




Lagos Island

Mainland Lagos

Mainland Lagos is like Lagos Island Proper, but with less security. The university and some other Lagos hot spots are located here.



Victoria Island


Districts of Lagos

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