Corporate Shuffle

AAA Corps

Ares Arms, Africa (AAA Corp): Ares Arms is a branch of the megacorp Ares Macrotechnology. Ares has a dozen factories in Ikeja that is uses to turn out thousands of weapons a month. Deals in black arms to avoid shareholders. Ares Military Magic uses the Awakened forests of Africa to their advantage. Both divisions of the corp have a few black labs and test areas for new weapons and magic.
Aztechnology Africa (AAA Crop): Runs many third world factories for low-tech materials. Azzies process raw telesma that they export to around the world. They are suspect to having a few black labs around Lagos in Oshodi-Isolo. The Big A’s practice of blood magic has placed them on poor terms with runners, but most locals don’t mind working for nothing.
EVO Africa (AAA Corp): This division of Evo does not to much production in Lagos, but black labs dot the place for their nano/bio/cybertech experiments. Their Lagos headquarters is extremely well guarded for being such a small building. Rumours are that there are free EVO medical stations in Lagos.
Horizon Africa (AAA Corp): HAf is the African division of Horizon and is based out of Nairobi. The Horizon branch of Lagos is aggressively pursing drugs (including Awakened drugs) in their black labs. Horizon often hires runners to scope out other corp research. HAf also pushes to educate Africa by opening and running schools, giving children commlinks, and many other humanitarian projects.
Mitsuhama Computers (AAA Corp): MCT uses the cheap labour in Lagos to its advantage and makes low-grade electronics or larger drones that people are less likely to line their pockets with when they leave for their free time once a week.
Saeder-Krupp Africa (AAA Corp): Krupp Specialized Engineering is a major subsidiary of S-K that runs in the Nigerian Kingdoms to pull in profit on the valuable mining that is available. S-K has been trying to work its way into Nigerian Oil, but GS and United are doing their best to keep Loftwyr out. Other Subsidiaries include: Iraq Oil, Krupp Manufacturing, Krupp Munitions, and Trans-Oceanic Mining.
Shiawase Envirotech (AAA Corp): This subsidiary of Shiawase works around the clock to get contracts with the Council of Lagos to clean up the city, and this contract is worth millions of nuyen. Shiawase Biotech is operating black labs in the poorer districts on new bioware and antibiotics. Shiawase Heavy Industries has a few factories in Lagos that produce low-tech goods.
Wuxing Worldwide Shipping (AAA Corp): This corp transports most of the recourses out of the Apapa ports for A and AA companies. Wuxing Incorporated is especially interested in the Awakened properties of the African jungle, and they pay a premium for Awakened children.

AA Corps

DocWagon (AA Corp): DocWagon has one hospital set up and its prices are higher in Lagos than many other places, but their service is second to none.
Global Sandstorm (AA Corp)
Tundra Group International (AA Corp)
United Oil (AA Corp)This is a huge petrochem company and they are not happy that GS reached Lagos first. They have a few factories in Lagos on the shore of the Lagoon. United is currently working to make better ways to deal with oil spills.
Universal Omnitech (AA Corp):UniOmni is on the cutting edge of bioware and cyberware with many volunteers available in Lagos and black lab space all over the place is useful. UniOmni ware is all over the place and hard to miss in Lagos, there are even a few UniOmni factories.

A Corps

Delek Dragon (A Corp): Is an Israelicorp that is new to the scene. Delek is being funded by one of the megas: rumours are that it is either Wuxing or S-K. Delek is popular in the shadows for using any means necessary to take their enemies down a notch. This company gets most of its oil from pirated and stolen shipments, paying a premium for stolen petrol.
Revlup Security (A Crop): Rev has a small, but reliable and loyal, pool of security (when compared to Lone Star) and has been popular with AA and A corps and some oyibos. Their recent ventures into the jungles has lead to many opportunities for runners and mercs to be employed.
Riddlework Explorers (A Corp): The Explorers are an organization of archeologists and anthropologists that traffic in artifacts (both mundane and magical). The Explorers have been conducting more and more incursions into the African Jungle to find treasures that might have emerged from its awakened depths. They employ Revlup Security as their escorts.

Corporate Shuffle

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