Big Players

by Handbook

These are big players in the Lagos Scene. I’ll update it as I know.

Akin Chukumah (Apapa Port Master; Lagos Council): Controls the majors ports and shipping in Lagos. He is a large human male with no morals. He has many ties with pirates.
Chidi Ené (Igbo Tribal Elder; Lagos Council): Orc male who leads the Igbo. He has a fair amount of control over the Area Boys because of his cash.
Cintra Ime (Ahigbe Gang Leader; Lagos Council): Human of mixed tribes, she has highly skilled assassins and controls much of the white collar slave trader and some of the flesh trade.
Faith Dubaku (Owner, Lagos Daily Times; Lagos Council): Dwarf woman who is the owner of the major Lagos newspaper.
Oladobe Lekan (Yoruba Representative; Lagos Council): Human male who was placed by the Yoruba Oni Adegoke. Oladobe is suspected to be Awakened and has a large network of spies and informants.


42 Tigers: (Street Gang) The 42 Tigers is a medium sized street gang of Yoruba men (and women) who control areas of Babagry, Ajegunle, and Shomolu.
Ahigbe: (Gang) This group of high profile assassins has reached out into other vectors of marketing such as racketeering and extraction. They control the largest chunk of the white collar slave trade.
Anambra State Vigilante Service: (Militant group/Gang) This is a militant organization created in the 1990’s during an increase in crime rate in the Igbo regions of Nigeria. They are currently hedging their way into Lagos. In the early 21st century they re-branded themselves from being the Bakassi Boys—even though many still call them this. This militant organization has strong ties with the Area Boys and Chidi Ené.
Area Boys: (Street Gang) Igbo tribal gang of boys and young men that try to control Lagos with fines and fees. Offer racketeering and protection to those who pay the fees. Their pay goes straight up to Chidi.
Arewa People’s Congress: (Militant Group) This organization grew in reaction to the Oodua People’s Congress killing Hausa tribesmen. The APC have been in a constant struggle with the OPC, and the OPC has gone as far as placing a bounty on the heads of the APC (sitting around 2,000,000₦). The Hausa have a high population of orcs and trolls in their tribe since goblinization, their metafriendly attitude has been popular among other tribes.
Daughters of Yemaja (Gang): Priestess who follow Orishakô, goddess of agriculutre and fertility. They are violent combat mages who frequently go after cherubium and men who abuse women.
Egbesu Boys: (Cult/Street Gang) These men of the Ijaw tribe worship the deity of war and bloodshed Egbesu. Their cult became noteworthy after their long fight and decline with the British in the 19th century. After some time underground, the cult came out in the open in the constant battles of the Nigeria Delta oil field. The powerful Ijaw witch doctors inscribe ritual scarring in unsavoury locations and cast spells on the new recruits to protect them from bullets. They now operate across Nigeria (and in Lagos) as Talismongerers and hired mojomen. Their operations as adepts in Nigerian shadow wars is legendary.
Fanti, The (Pirates): Live and work on the sea in family groups of multiple boats as smugglers. The Fanti have many relations along the coast of Africa. They often conduct raids on those who insult them.
Níròjú Ikú (Pirates): Particularly vicious pirate group that his corp ships. They employ some wired infrastructure on their boats and use hackers often. Their headquarters is in Porto Novo.
The Onyara (Net Gang): A mysterious net gang of technomancers that work out of Fetsac. They have a lot of muscle to back up their brains in any operation, which they all keep on the down low because of the high cost of technomancers to corporations and that they would take any chance to capture a group of technos.
Oodua Peoples Congress (Militant Group): The Oodua is a Yoruba nationalist movement that showed up on the radar in 1993. Since then they have grown from a small ethnocentric organization to a full on genocidal ultra-nationalist meta-hating militant group. They work closely with the Yoruba Oni Adegoke and GS.
Sea Lions: A small gang that controls a neighbourhood in Shomolu.
Tamanous (Organleggers): Pan-global criminal organization involved in the flesh trade. Not much is known of their organization besides that they run with ghouls and they are the largest second-hand bioware and cyberware dealers in the world. If you need a part, they have it, or will get it for the right price.
The Final Message (Pirates): Spooky group of pirates that is lead by a man suspected to be a shedim.

Big Players

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