Ares Arms Africa

Ares is a prominent corporation in Lagos, the Nigerian Kingdoms, and the rest of Western Africa. In Lagos dozens of factories in Ikeja that produce millions of weapons that are sold to the armies and gangs of Africa, many of the arms are sold through black arms markets to avoid shareholder interference. The same armies and gangs use Ares for military consultation. The employ of arms dealers and gun runners is a very healthy market for shadow runners.

In the heart of the Nigeran Kingdoms Ares uses its subsidiaries to harvest the natural resources of Africa. Ares is currently struggling with an UniOmni subsidiary DeBeers Omnitech for the prominent gold mining positions. Most of the gold mined works its way through Lagos before going on an Ares or a Wuxing Worldwide Shipping cargo carrier.

In the magical department, the Ares Military Magic division is increasing its presence in Lagos. The division has set up a highly secret compound in the jungles at the northern edge of Lagos in the Ifako-Ijaya or Epe districts. Military Magic is currently selling magical botanical goods to Shiawase and other para-biological corps while the rumours of what they are testing on metahuman subjects is up for debate.

Ares keeps a research compound in Lagos, yet the position of the compound is unknown. Alimosho is the district that holds an urban battleground where Ares trains Knight Errant Firewatch teams and local armies of Warlords. Knight Errant is also cleansing shedim from Alimosho at the request of the Lagos Council. Ares has been keeping a hospital in Apapa, but the location is unknown at this time.

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Ares Arms Africa

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