Welcome to Lagos

Athens, Greece
Gun Threats


H!jynx worked at the firewall of the sports car that her and MageHat had stumbled onto in the Perama Harbour of the Athens sprawl Piraeus district. The defence was not stalwart, but she liked taking her time and lulling the system into comfort as she cracked in. The AI was in her element.
MageHat asked, “What’s taking so long?” He was holding her node: a little black box the size of a styrofoam take-out container.
“Shh. Almost there.” H!jynx had breached the outer barrier. “Working on the admin.” In her opinion, whoever had owned this Eurocar Class A Westwind should not have bothered putting such flimsy defences into place. The final wall was breached and MageHat brought her into the van. “Nice,” he said.
The right side car door swung open. An elf sat down beside MageHat and pointed a very large Deputy pistol. “Drive.” He said. “Now.” MageHat held up his hand, fire burst up into small flames from his finger tips. “You picked the wrong car.” The two men stared at each other.
H!jynx’s golden persona beamed up from the trideo display. Her form was as a woman with long hair in a slim wedding dress. “I don’t remember being a taxi service.” The elf shook his head. “I need to get out of here. Now drive.”
“There is one problem with that plan.” The MageHat said, “I can’t drive. So unless you want to start driving, put the gun away.”
From the alleyway behind the sports car a troll with a heavy machine gun, an orc with a sub-machine gun, and a human in long robes strolled out. The elf swore. “I can’t drive either.”
“Idiots!” H!jynx flipped her hair. A cable with a datajack slipped out of H!jynx’s node and slide into the Eurocar’s main interface input plug. “Shut it. Looks like Mr. B&E brought friends.”
The Eurocar’s electric motor buzzed to life. H!jynx set the car in the highest gear. Wheels whined as the car accelerated away from the heavily armed gentlemen behind them. The human pointed at the car, the troll took his cue and unloaded the heavy machine gun at the sports car. A watching police drone squealed as it registered the sound of gunfire and alerted the nearest patrol car while taking aim and firing dummy rounds at the transgressors. The AI began to change the colour of the car’s pain while she drove it through a few back allies. “Where are we going?” H!jynx chirped.
“We are cutting the places we can go. Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Mediterranean…” MageHat said.
The elf shook his head. “That is not my concern.”
“Besides, I really do not want to take him with us.” H!jynx’s persona sat down on a chair.
MageHat shrugged. “Neither do I, but we currently do not have many choices.”
“But seriously, we are running out of road. Where are we going? I know the harbour is close by but…”
“There is a ship that smuggles people out of Athens.” The elf said.
“That’s a good way to make yourself useful.” H!jynx sat back up and disappeared into the node. “Give me the directions. I’ll get us there without incident.”
The elf narrowed his eyes and stared at the black box.


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