Welcome to Lagos

Soundtrack: Highheel Runway by Yoko Kanno and N.Y. Rush by The Seatbelts

The two Knight Errant vans closed in on the Westwind. Gun ports opened on their sides and muzzles poked out. H!jynx tried to navigate around the traffic to get a break away, but it would not work. The Knights fired at the crew. Bullets smashed against the side of the car, and H!jynx tried to avoid the fire, but scratched the paint and smashed a rear view mirror on a park truck. MageHat cursed at them for wrecking his car and tossed an ice sheet under one of the vans. It landed under one of the vans, sending it careening into the storefront window. H!jynx tried to pull around a Danfo, and ended up jammed between it and the road. Three men shot out from the side, a bullet hit the dwarf in the arm. DoubleTap stood up through the shotgun window and brought his rifle around. He fired a burst into the front seat of the remaining Knight Errant van, killing the passenger and wounding the driver. He flipped to semi-automatic and finished the job on the driver with a clean shot. The danfo started up again and MageHat tossed a fireball into the van, exploding inside and burning away the Knights.
MageHat assessed the damages at around 3,000-5,000¥ as they sped towards the lagoon bridge that their employer set up for their meet-up. Amanda was getting used to the idea of being kidnapped and started asking the team questions and having some pleasant conversation with H!jynx about what it was like being a tiger. It was 11:30PM and almost time for the deal, and DoubleTap was feeling very sour about the lack of information provided about the extraction. He did not like being lied to about who the girl was and the lack of information that the team was given by their Johnson. H!jynx and MageHat figured that they would stand off to the side when the guns were drawn.
The crew made it to the rendez-vous point. Convoys of trucks, vans, and chained humans surrounded them at the beginning of the fleshway to Asamando. MageHat started to cry when he saw the extent of the damage to his Westwind. Their Johnson awaited them with a group of black vans with a few squads of guards in police armour. DoubleTap handed Amanda over. She was placed in a cushioned lead box in the back of one of the vans. The Johnson paid them 15,000¥ in soft credits, with an extra 5,000¥ for the damages to the car. He told them to go to a jeun soke shop down in Babagry and tell the people that Jengo sent them and they would be sorted out. DoubleTap still felt the need to be vindicated and exchanged some harsh words before the convoy left at a leisurely pace. The crew drive to the chop shop, where they find it is both a flesh chop shop and a mechanic chop shop. It pays to be diverse. The mechanic is wary of the runners, but after they tell him that Jengo sent them, he appraises the car at 2,500¥ and says it will be done in an hour. A salesman comes out and asks if they want any cybernetics or prosthetic, to which both runners say no. He makes some small talk then is called to prep the back room when a pick-up truck with a bunch of body bags pulls up. MageHat checks the time. 00:10AM July 3rd.
After their car was fixed, they went to Fetsac Town check on their mailbox and to grab some gas. Armada sent DoubleTap a message telling him that is a job for any takers. A girl was extracted from a university yesterday night and the Johnson is willing to pay 10,000¥ no questions asked upon her safe return. Gus also sent the hitman a message about a job, but declined to mention what it was about. The elf’s sour expression morphed into a vindictive grin, which terrified MageHat but excited H!jynx as the AI’s sensors showed an increase in the elf’s serotonin levels.
DoubleTap ordered the car to turn around and head for the fleshway. MageHat asked why as the hitman flipped off the safety on his rifle. The mojoman did not like the idea of double-crossing their Johnson, but liked the cold hard nuyen in his hand better. After some coordinating between H!jynx, her corporate spider friend Leon, and the blogger Adofo the AI determined the position of the convoy and at a speed of 220 miles per hour they would reach it in forty minutes. The usual go-gangs where not seen that night, because it currently belonged exclusively to Tamanous.

When the small convoy’s lights blinked ahead on the fleshway MageHat called on Câlan to be ready to attack. Once the vans were in clear sight, the dwarf flung an ice sheet ahead of them. Sweat dripped from his forehead as the slick ice spread across the highway. The head van, the target, and its right wing van spun out and crashed to the right—the lead van went straight off the road and smashed into the ditch. The right wing van smashed into a road barrier with the target van crashing in beside it. The left flank van spun out to the left and flipped onto its side. Armoured and armed men emerged from the broken vehicles with their weapons in hand.
H!jynx put on the parking break and the sports car began a controlled spin to go from 220 mph to stop. DoubleTap decided to leave the car at this point, leaping out of the vehicle into a combat roll. His body crunched against the pavement, his cyberarm and ceramic camouflage armour took the brunt of the damage. The dwarf, while still in the spinning vehicle, sent his bear spirit on a group of dazed security coming out of the flipped left car while he threw a fireball at the wrecked car in the ditch. The bear swiped with his might paws and knocked the three security men off their feet. The fireball exploded and engulfed the van, with the two surviving personal inside. The guards of the other two vehicles opened fire on the elf. A barrage of semi-automatic fire at the combat gymnastics rolling elf smacked against the pavement leaving the hitman unharmed. The three guards that the bear attacked unloaded automatic fire into it, causing the bear to dissipate and return to the astral.
The car came to a stop. H!jynx leapt out and began mauling a guard on her way to the lead box containing Amanda. DoubleTap fired a few bursts at the right wing van, killing one guard and maiming the other; the second burst killed the two guards standing at the ready beside the lead case staring terrified at the cyber tiger. The dwarf shook his head as he left the vehicle. The three men who dispersed his spirit were quickly burnt to death by another fireball. With all the guards dead or bleeding out, the team repossessed Amanda, who told them that she knew they would come back for her the whole time. Suffering from minor Stockholm syndrome, she was glad that her previous extractors had returned.
The crew loaded back up into the Westwind and drove off before any reinforcements showed up. After recharging the Westwind’s battery at a fuel station in Fetsac the crew went to the location that Armada said the Johnson would be meeting them at. H!jynx and Amanda exchanged FriendNet addresses. When they reached the heavily guarded underground parking for a Mainland Lagos proper four start hotel a few passwords were entered by Armada and the crew went down to the fourth floor. Their, a Knight Errant van with a full Firewatch squad surrounded a blond-haired corporate looking gentleman that was easily identified as Elliot Maureen. He thanked the team for their assistance and paid the fee of 10,000¥ in uncut diamonds. After the exchange the team rolled out of the parking lot. On the radio news has spread about the hit on the fleshway and that the sound patterns of the burst weapons from the Lagos extraction and the magical signature from both scenes match the culprits. A passing Council drone was able to pick up weapon sound samples before it reached the crime scene. MageHat checked the time as they were heading back as 03:00AM July 3rd.



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