Welcome to Lagos

H!jynx puts out a line to her blogger friend Adofo, who specializes in Lagos corporate and criminal rumours, about Amanda Maureen and her importance. DoubleTap plans to activate his camouflage suit with H!jynx being in chameleon and navigate through the International Dorms to the third floor and extract Amanda while MageHat blends in as a squatter and has his bear spirit Câlan make a distraction for the outside security. First, MageHat summons his rat spirit and tells it to watch the window outside of their target’s room for a back door out of the building. The dwarf wanders over to some security and begs to make some cover before pretending to sell drugs to some Confraternity kids. Once he starts mingling, he sends in his bear spirit to crush a nearby tree, causing a crowd to gather and the security to wander over to the bear.
DoubleTap and H!jynx sneak into the dorm, accidentally setting off the electric sliding door while being active camouflage. The guards mutter about faulty MCT secondhand electronics crap that the university keeps buying from Egypt. They work their way up the stairs, but notice that there is a group of university students heading up the stairs with personal security guards with them. One of the guards thinks something is weird and loiters a little before going into the second floor dorm area.
The extraction team gets into the third floor dorm. There is a party happening for finishing the end of year Chemistry exams: students and security are packed into the dining area of the dorm hall. They locate their target sitting at the edge of the group sipping a drink watching everyone celebrate. As they make their move to grab her and go, a drunk girl stumbles backwards, spilling her drink on DoubleTap and landing on H!jynx.
Meanwhile, MageHat’s spirit has gained the attention of the Lagos University’s passing head of Magical Theory. He brandishes a wand and tries to banish the spirit, dismissing it as an end of exam prank. When it does not disappear, he knows that something is up. Câlan expressed a need for revenge that MageHat was not going to pass up.
DoubleTap knows that their cover is blown and draws his Colt and fires two shots into the air. The bullets rip through the ceiling and into the dorm hall above. Screams are heard from upstairs. The elf explains that he is taking the girl Amanda and leaving. Other bodyguards tell him to take his target and get out. H!jynx races for the main exit while DoubleTap takes Amanda into her dorm and fastens on a rappelling rope. The girl is understandably upset, but does not physically resist as the hitman picks her up and takes her out the window, which the rat reports as “no peoples, but with lots of pretty pollen”.
As he is repelling down, MageHat unleashes his potential. The spirit Câlan runs down the school professor and after a short exchange of mental wills, the bear turned the professor into a mushy paste. The dwarf turned on the approaching security forces and threw a sheet of ice under their feet. The security was shocked, but not overly concerned. They took out their pistols with capsule rounds and shot up at the escaping DoubleTap as H!jynx commanded the car to come pick them up. As the hitman climbed down, Amanda dropped a metal gadget that shattered when it hit the turf. Instead of finishing the climb, the elf dropped from the second story and rolled onto his cybernetic arm.
Adofo calls back H!jynx as she leaps into the back seat of the Westwind. Amanda Maureen is a recent transfer from England and the daughter of Ares Arms Distribution Manager of Lagos Elliot Maureen. DoubleTap curses as he places the girl in the back seat on H!jynx. MageHat resists the urge to scorch the university and they peel out of the campus and onto one of the back roads to avoid the slow go that sits in the Mainland streets.
Zooming away to the Ajegunle bridge being created for them by their Johnson, H!jynx’s cameras on the back flanks of the Westwind locate two vans approaching at top speed. Both of them have a large symbol on the hood and sides:

MageHat lowers the windows and DoubleTap knew that this job was too easy.



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