Welcome to Lagos

After their last run DoubleTap patched himself up and MageHat summoned and bound the bear spirit CâlaN. On June 30th the hawala OverZee has another job for the crew. He lets them know that their is a job available that is in the extraction business. The good record on the first run has given the crew a bit of a name for themselves.
H!jynx has a package arrive for her from Kabir at the Dubu Dubu Oja Arms Market and the team needs to pick it up. The group takes the car down to the market. A few bribes later they are at one of the centre pavilions and into Kabir’s back room. There awaiting the runners is a large metal barred cage with a tiger prowling around inside of it. Four armed men with lassos stand at attention. H!jynx and Kabir confirm that this is H!jynx’s new biodrone body.
DoubleTap and MageHat debate whether or not having a tiger around will make them more recognizable. H!jynx points out that no one has a tiger currently on the Lagos Most Wanted list. After a brief debate, DoubleTap gives in and agrees to let H!jynx have the body, mostly to annoy the dwarf.
On their way back from the Dubu Dubu the group notices that less gangers request fees, and those that do are polite about it.
The next day the crew meets with the new Johnson at the Die Nasty dive in Apapa. The place is decidedly a dump. Paint has been flaking off of the walls, the plastic tables have been scavenged from a corporate dump, and no one has been ordering or eating any of the food. A very young “waitress” escorts the team to the Johnson. He is a tall bald Igbo man in a white suit. He compliments the duo on their ‘pet’ and after drinks are ordered (and some cheese for the dwarf) they get down to business.
Mr. Johnson offers the crew a very persuasive deal: the extraction of a student named Amanda Maureen from the Lagos University. He tells them that she has no security beyond the light guard that the university provides. H!jynx has done some facial scans and cross-referencing with her Spider contact Leon. She alerts the duo over Commlink that this Johnson is connected with Tamanous. This brings up some feel bads for DoubleTap, who was already put-off from having to extract a university girl. For the job, the Johnson will offer 20,000¥ and it has to be done that night and delivered to him on the fleshway in Babagry at 00:00 July 3rd. The elf asks why she is worth 20,000¥. The girl has been reviled as one of the few possessors of the O gene that standard bioware is cultured from. The Johnson knows the deal is big and gives the crew a moment to decide. MageHat wants the juicy prize, and doesn’t mind taking the girl. H!jynx does not particularly care, but rent is due at the end of the month and they are 1000¥ short. DoubleTap says that she is worth more then the small twenty grand that they are getting. The Johnson raises the price to 25,000¥. The crew accepts the deal and the Johnson hands over the floor plan for her international dorm, a three dimensional body scan to identify her, and the upfront 10,000¥.
DoubleTap heads to The Palm to pick up some gear from Armada before they head down to the University.



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