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Sea Lion Wetwork 5

Great Balls of Fire

Soundtrack: BlaXk Magic Mushroom by Tsuneo Imahori from Music Only Music But Music
The Night of the Sixth of July

MageHat healed H!jynx and DoubleTap after the crew reached their place. The orc was gagged and tied up. MageHat messaged Atokal and asked for a magemask to put on the captured orc mojoman. DoubleTap asks Boris to send a runner to deliver him a Chameleon suit. The items were brought, including DoubleTap’s katana, by the separate parties and when the orc came to he had a black hood on. The magemask in question contained a rather brutal variety of pins, needles, and a leech astral monitor to deliver brutal responses to spells cast. The team saw the DocWagon helicopters fly back from the fire scene.
DoubleTap sat down and began to interrogate the orc while MageHat watched television and H!jynx’s trideo persona watched the torture. The hitman cut off the orc’s finger as well as his hand before sprinkling salt on the wound, yet the orc refused to obey. He even went so far as to cast a mind storm on DoubleTap, the overcast spell knocked the elf unconscious as his ear’s bled. The orc’s head exploded inside the magehood from the amplified drain. MageHat healed some of DoubleTap’s damage and put the body in the garbage bin on the roof which has been designated for bodies.
When the elf recovered from his massive headache he became furious that the orc had been disposed of. The dwarf apologized profusely, but to no avail. The loss of humanity from having his arms removed had begun to take its toll on DoubleTap. H!jynx noted the increase in hostility in his diagnostics.
The crew knew that that night there would be four gangers from the Sea Lions at the back of the baka across from the brothel DoubleTap tossed the grenade in. The team piled into the car and drove to Kabir’s to pick up H!jynx’s new drone. The drone was launched from the Dubu Dubu Oja and the team drove to Shomolu to deal with the four gangers.
H!jynx’s drone stayed in place at 10km above the crew with its enhanced telescopic zoom lenses to capture the immediate area around the back alley of the baka.
The lot behind the baka was blocked off to the south by a white wooden fence. The north had two metres of fence extending from the slum shanties to the west and the baka to the east. In the centre of the lot was a white plastic patio table with a few wooden folding chairs. H!jynx and DoubleTap hid behind the fence on either sides of the opening to the north. MageHat sat at the table with his rat spirit Drit and played poker while waiting for the gangers. Drit always won, even though MageHat rigged the deck and had two aces up his sleeve.
The Sea Lions showed up: two orcs and two humans high on jazz or cram. They had tattoos covering their arms and shaved heads of lions with seal bodies. MageHat made conversation trying to convince the boosters that he was Sea Lion material. They didn’t believe him, and told him to leave. He asked if there was anything he could do to please them. One of the orcs unzipped his jeans. MageHat did not take kindly to this and cast increased reflexes while taking cover behind the plastic table. DoubleTap charged with his new katana from one side while H!jynx pounced on the other. Drit scampered off.
The orc with his trousers around his knees was taken aback as he was being torn apart by a cybertiger. DoubleTap’s initial charge was blocked by the ganger’s AK-97 carbine. The other two gangers took shots into the plastic table, which proved to be inefficient cover. MageHat took a bullet to the side of his lower back. The ganger fighting DoubleTap tried to shoot at the elf, but the elf kept the barrel to the side, while the poor human being gored by H!jynx tried to fight the beast off unsuccessfully.
DoubleTap continued to slash at the ganger, but his training with the katana had been limited, his opponent was taking advantage of his lack of knowledge. They exchanged blows, the ganger trying to keep inside the elf’s guard.
One of the humans fled behind a shanty for cover as the man who shot at MageHat turned to help his comrade fend off the tiger. MageHat healed his wounds, blood was pulled into his body off the ground and the wound stitched itself up.
The would-be swordsman was making little lee-way with his opponent. Bruises and minor cuts were exchanged.
MageHat ran out from behind cover and jumped up to force a flaming hand into the head of the ganger trying to assist his now disembowelled friend. The searing heat burned at his face. The ganger behind cover shot a burst at the dwarf. The bullet spray slammed into MageHat’s armour, knocking him sideways out of the air and onto the ground—his flaming hand landed on cardboard. The alley started to go up in flames. H!jynx’s tiger overrode her rigging and smashed through the fence to the south to escape the flames.
The dwarf was on his back in a growing fire. He took out his Yamaha cherry blossom and fired it into the feet of the man he burned. The bullets cracked and ricocheted off the ground until a narrow burst cut through the orc’s shin. He crumpled and bled out in the fire.
Standing up and dusting the mud off, MageHat threw a fireball at the booster behind cover, catching the surrounding shanties in a roaring blaze. DoubleTap finally cut down his opponent. The fire licked his camouflage, and he decided to leave the way that H!jynx broke open. The dwarf followed them out and the team piled into the waiting Westwind. The drone watched the Sea Lion territory as the residents banded together to put out the slum fire.



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