Welcome to Lagos

Sea Lion Wetwork 4

Lagosian Stand-off

DoubleTap brought his Sernopel up to rest it on the hood of the car he was taking cover, taking aim on the meta mage that he had a ‘conversation’ with the previous day. DoubleTap noticed the shine of a crossbow on a second story window and utilized his thermographic vision to confirm the woman. The situation was tense. MageHat cast improved reflexes on himself as H!jynx slipped beside the alleyway that the troll was coming out of. MageHat sent Drit to distract the female bounty hunter.
The mojoman across the street in the riot gear cast influence on MageHat, who counter cast the spell and took cover behind a car while tossing an ice sheet under the mojoman, he slipped on the ice and fell prone. H!jynx began to hack the commlink of the bounty hunter to establish a secure tap on their communication. The bounty hunter fired her crossbow at DoubleTap. The capsule head of the bolt knocked the wind out of the hitman and released a think screen of thermo-smoke. The troll burst out of the alley way, yet failed to notice the waiting H!jynx. The tiger biodrone pounced (he misfired two shots that killed the man driving the car MageHat was taking cover behind) and tore at the troll who tried in vain to hold off the vicious cyber beast tearing up his chest.
The woman on the roof ran from the window to head down the stairs. MageHat gave Drit the instructions to attack in addition to materializing Câlan close to the woman. DoubleTap fired out of the smoke at where the mojoman would be and the bullets thudded into the man’s riot armour. The elf moved out of the smoke and took a knee. H!jynx finished hacking the systems while her biodrone continued to rake at the troll’s body, he disparately tried to knock the cat off. The Take Backers heard the cries as Whyte Noice’s plan was falling apart.
The mojoman materialized his spirit beside MageHat. A giant hulking spartan warrior stood beside the dwarf, brandishing a menacing spear. MageHat tried to banish the spirit and only succeeded in making its presence waver.
DoubleTap fired more shots into the side of the mojoman before charging in and delivering a finishing blow with his katana; the mojoman dropped unconscious to the floor.
The spirit stabbed MageHat in the gut with his spear. Blood seeped from the gaping wound. The dwarf surged with power and finished banishing the spirit. Collapsing against the car he healed his stomach.
The bounty hunter sprinted out of the building she was in and spun to the right—Drit attached to her leg. She fired off her crossbow. The chrome bolt pieced the hitman in the shoulder, breaking some wiring in his cyberarm. Her victory was cut short by Câlan storming through the wall and slamming the woman into the car. Drit gnawed on her leg before being thrown off. The woman was crushed into the side of vehicle (a panicked driver frantically tried to escape). H!jynx finished chewing through the troll as the Doc Wagon transmissions from the downed Whyte Noice were filtered through H!jynx’s tap.
DoubleTap threw off the armoured mojoman’s commlink and threw him on Câlan. As a gang of Awori Muslims charged down the street the crew split as MageHat hid his astral signature.



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