Welcome to Lagos

Sea Lion Wetwork 3

Right To Bear Arms

Soundtrack: Guy by Yoko Kanno from the Darker Than Black OST

MageHat casts combat reflexes and flees the room while he orders Câlan the bear spirit to attack the street samuari and Drit the rat to warn the other tenants that shit is going down. The troll rushes into the building through the front door. Câlan swipes at the street sammie, giving him a solid hit, but the samurai fails to land a shot on the spirit.
MageHat grabs an eichiro and rushes back to the corridor door. Câlan and the samurai continue their duel as the troll makes his way to the stairs.
The sammie jumps up to the second floor and lands on the window, hoping to avoid the bear. MageHat tosses an ice sheet to cover the window sill. The samurai is careful not to slip. Câlan follows the sammie up, charging and knocking the vatjob right into the sofa. There are stomps on the stairs as the troll makes his way up.
The troll kicks down the door and stands in the doorway. MageHat points the troll gun at him and fires. The shot misses by a clean foot. Câlan mauls the Samurai on the ground while the troll fires revolver shots at the spirit without a single shell piecing the astral shield. The pinned street samurai is able to bring out his own pistol shotgun and fires a single slug through Câlan, causing the bear to shriek in pain. Drit informs MageHat that the tenants have been warned and that there are dust bunnies behind the fridge.
Câlan switches targets and goes after the troll, who fires more shots at the bear. MageHat takes a chance to burst fire with his yamaha, but the rounds did not piece the sammy’s armour. Drit even rushes in and begins to snap at the downed vatjob to little effect.
The troll cuts his losses and grabs the samurai before jumping out the window and landing on the Landlord’s car parked down below. Drit gives a quick chase, but becomes distracted and follows a floating plant seed.
As DoubleTap and H!jynx make it back the Landlord is requesting that MageHat pay for all the damages, which the dwarf is able to sway in his favour with the help of Henry Tailor, who was concerned about the utter lack of security. MageHat blames DoubleTap for the breech in security and demands that the elf pays for the damages that they have to cover. After some hard knocks on the elf’s door, there is an exchange of nuyen and everyone goes to bed on a bad foot.
The next morning a window repair guy is an hour late and a sofa is brought up by some of the security. DoubleTap and MageHat are silent as the elf leaves to buy a new suit of armour from Boris without a word. The dwarf tells H!jynx that they shouldn’t leave DoubleTap alone after the fact and the two rush off to shadow their partner.
They find the elf wandering down the sidewalk, his injuries the previous day made his nagging wound from Andros bother him too much to pay attention as the meta mojoman in riot gear from the baka follow him. MageHat spots DoubleTap in the crowd, but also notices the awakened orc following him, as well as a woman in a second story window training a bead on DoubleTap with a crossbow and the troll from the previous attack following the mage.
MageHat warns the elf over his comm and the elf promptly takes cover. Both men remember that Mushin is under strict sharia. H!jynx chameleons and jumps across some cars in the slow go to scan and decrypt traffic going between the three enemies. She learns that they are a shadow team called Whyte Noice.



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