Welcome to Lagos

Sea Lion Wetwork 2

The Hitmen are Hit

Soundtrack: Home Stretch by Joe Henderson

DoubleTap gropes at his head. His mind swells again and the dwarf that was watching him stands up and walks into the baka. The elf begins to unwillingly remember where he lives. He curses and follows the stalker into the bar. H!jynx pads in behind the elf, unsure of what is occurring. DoubleTap spots the dwarf at the back of the room and notices the shotgun he has under the table. Ignoring this, he walks over, sits down, and asks the dwarf if he would like to talk. The dwarf presses the shotgun into fires two shots from his shotgun at the elf in point blank. His reflexes kick in—not a moment too soon—and the hitman knocks the shotgun barrel to the side and shifts his weight so all the buckshot hits is ceiling. The dwarf kicks the table up and uses it as cover.
H!jynx tries to get a swipe in, but only manages to chip at the table. The hitman brings his own shotgun to bare and fires at the dwarf. One shot hits only table, but the second shot clears it and hits the dwarf in the stomach. From upstairs, DoubleTap sees a figure on the stair platform leading up to the second-floor in full riot gear with a riot shield blocking the doorway. The meta peeks through the shield’s clear plastic view port and The elf’s brain burns as a mental shitstorm swells inside his head.
The dwarf takes advantage of this and fires off a shot of dragon’s breath. The fire shell envelops the hitman, doing no damage to him, but burning his armour. He then turns tail and runs away from the elf and cybercat. H!jynx chases after him. DoubleTap remembers that he has a grenade in his pocket and throws the high-explosive over the riot shield. The meta notices and blocks the grenade: it bounces off and down the stairs towards the elf. He runs outside, lighting from the caster searing his leg as the explosion knocks him out of the back door. His armour is in tatters and he is now in the middle of a thick thermosmoke cloud. H!jynx helps the elf out of the smoke and the two rush back out of Shomolu into Mushin to get to the mesh and warn MageHat that their position has been compromised.

When the duo reach Mushin and warn MageHat, he has just finished recuperating from summoning Câlan and Drit, yet he is still weary and stunned. He peers out the window just in time to notice the same street samurai from the previous day and a troll with two revolvers throw grenades up at the window. Both of the grenades stuck and MageHat was able to dive behind the sofa in time. The windows are blasted in—the glass cuts the sofa and shards litter the floor. DoubleTap instructs MageHat to get his troll guns.



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