Welcome to Lagos

Soundtrack: Koop Island Blues by Koop

The crew returned to their place late in the morning, catching a wink of sleep before being waken up by the Landlord demanding rent with a group of his gang at his back. MageHat forked over 4,000¥. DoubleTap told the crew that Gus called him with a job that would be a little bit more long term until this whole Tamanous thing blew over.
They arrived at Gus’ guarded home in Apapa. The mafia fixer tossed them that morning’s copy of the Lagos Shadows Daily. On the tenth page was a story titled ‘Tamanous Confounded By Take Bakers’. The Daily’s sources had been able to match the sound clips of a Sernopel assault rifle and the astral signature of the magician that appeared at both the Lagos University extraction, the high speed pursuit, and the fleshway scene. Gus explained that Tamanous was threatening fixers and free-lance Johnsons not to offer the crew jobs.
Gus does not know the employer, but the Johnson is a professional. He gives the team the address of the Sidewinder dive in Ikeja and the code that will be needed to meet the Johnson on the roof.
The crew went up to the Dubu Dubu Oja arms market to secure some supplies since their double payday last night. H!jynx ordered two drones from Kabir, DoubleTap bought an assortment of grenades and ordered a katana, a rocket launcher and 9,000¥ in various ammunition that Boris would choose, and MageHat purchased a combat spell and binding materials from Atokal.
After their excursion the Take Backers went to meet the Johnson. Traffic was horrendous as the slow gos usually are in Lagos—but it was only a few hours before they reached the dive. It had been built out of half of an old factory that was shut down after some ‘routine maintenance’. The security guard scanned the code and let the crew up to the roof to see Ms. Johnson while a valet packed the car in a shared fenced in parking lot. The Johnson sat at a plastic patio set under a torn yellow umbrella. The entire roof was surrounded by a soot covered terrace.
The dinner of fish and palm wine that was not half bad for a CAS down-home diner in Africa ended shortly and business was discussed. H!jynx had been searching the datahavens while loudly eating raw meat, but was unable to find a trace of cyberdirt on their Johnson. Ms. Johnson explained that the employment would be a month long contract. They would be paid 3,000¥ up front, and 500¥ a week for expenses. When the job was complete another 4,000¥ would be paid.
The job involves the killing of an entire gang of thirty eight: eighteen humans, fifteen orcs, three elves and two trolls. The gang is called the Sea Lions and is easily identifiable by their navy blue ‘sea lion’ tattoos that cover their arms and torsos. DoubleTap questioned what type of armament and magic that the gang possessed. The Johnson shrugged and sipped wine as she explained that their weapons were standard for the boosters of the area and that there is a magician and an adept in the gang. DoubleTap liked the change of pace from extraction, and after a brief round-up of information such as a map of the neighbourhood that the gang’s turf is in and instructions to report back to the Johnson on the roof of the Sidewinder once every seven days, the Take Backers agreed to the job.
It was an early night for the team. MageHat would be spending all of the next day summoning and binding Câlan the bear spirit and Drit the rat spirit while DoubleTap and H!jynx went to Shomolu to scout out the gang’s turf. The next morning (July 4th) the team ate breakfast before MageHat locked himself in his room and the other two left Mushin for the Sea Lion’s turf.
DoubleTap examined the neighbourhood and found some good sniping positions while H!jynx tried to find a network to mesh with in the area to no success. The elf chatted with a local who spoke Awori about the gang: he discovered that four gangers use the back alley of a baka as a hangout in the evening where they shoot drugs and drink and that a human and a troll frequent a cherubium across the street a few days a week after hours.
The elf went and had a drink at the man’s bar and while he was walking down the street he noticed a Caucasian dwarf with a shotgun on his lap pretending to read the paper was watching him. The hitman made his move by advancing on the dwarf, and at that moment he felt something shifting through his surface thoughts. He stopped in the street. H!jynx looked up and asked over their commlinks, “What’s wrong?”



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