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Something Completely Different

July 6th Evening to the Afternoon of the 7th

Soundtrack: Butterfly by The Seatbelts from Future Blues

When the team was back in mesh range there was a message in the crew’s public drop box. Armada sent a message titled: INFORMATION RECENT SITUATION; JOB. MageHat copied the message and saved it before DoubleTap was able to quickly read the gist of it—he had a job for them and information regarding their Whyte Noice situation, he would like to see them as soon as possible—and deleted the mail. MageHat queried at who the mail had come from, but his tight lipped partner did not say anything.
When they reached their residence, Armada pinged DoubleTap and convinced him to come down and see him to pay a bit back—good thing the elf answered, Armada was about to send some gentlemen over to get him.
Everyone piled back into the Westwind and drove back to The Palm. A nude singer with a big band belted out tunes while strippers danced around the stage. MageHat and H!jynx sat at the bar that Sweet Lovin’ was ‘bar-tending’. MageHat ordered two drinks and a bowl for the tiger. The African American was impressed with the animal lapping up palm wine. DoubleTap was pointed into the back room.
Armada spoke to DoubleTap about White Noice, and that he had a Johnson give him a job request for a team that Armada trusted not to fuck up. Armada believed that team was the crew. He told DoulbeTap the Johnson would be there shortly and to wait in the bar.
Time passed and the entire crew was called in. The Johnson was a gaunt lean man with slicked back silver hair. He asked the team to go to the Victoria Hotel and confirm the exact location of a target. DoubleTap, being ‘suspicious’, asked exactly why he did not have his own people do it. The elf’s attitude was not appreciated and he walked out on them. Armada traded some harsh words and told them to get the fuck out.
Back at the apartment, the three of them went to sleep.

In the morning Amanda had left near a hundred messages in the crew’s dropbox asking them to see her father as soon as they could. MageHat deleted the messages and DoubleTap pinged the girl. She informed them that her father had a very special job for them. She sent them specific directions to follow to the corp. The crew got ready and drove to the Eko Bridge and were waved through. Lagos Island was a frieghteningly different place than the rest of the sprawl. Spiralling glass towers speared the clouds above, expensive cars and suits manoeuvred the streets, and many people had their commlinks on ‘public’.
Once inside the Ares Arms compound they were shown into the white main foyer of the corporate offices. A woman in a white suit behind a white desk at a white cyberdeck. She pointed them to the proper elevator and gave them clearence to the Elliot Maureen’s floor.
They were brought from the elevator down a corridor filled with AR portraits of UCAS victories, Athenian busts, and pictures of various employees around the world at other Ares Arms locations.
Once they had retinal scans, they entered Elliot‘s office. Its walls were covered with real paintings and portraits. He sat behind an oak desk smoking a cigarette, the smoke made the Ares Arms or Ares Macrotechnology logo when he puffed it out.
He asked them to take a seat and explained his current situation. The Knight Errant forces he usually had at his disposal were at a training session for the next few days and he promised his daughter Amanda that she would get the new Renraku commlink if her grades improved after being sent to Lagos University. After the incident, she was returned to the Ares Arms post-secondary program in the bio-chem labs. Her grades have improved, and she will not stop talking about the commlink or the Take Backers.
He trusts that they will take his daughter to the Lagoonside Mall, get the commlink, and come back. He will pay them 5,000¥ for their troubles. As MageHat starts negotiating for more, the side panel of the wall opens and a beautiful woman walks out. She could be a tridstar or a rocker. Elliot ignores her, but she is taken by the dwarf’s charms and proceeds to ask MageHat where he is going. Once she has the information disclosed, Elliot ups the price to 8,000¥ if he takes both daughters. The runners agree. He tells them that there is a Hermes van in the underground parking that they can utilize.

Soundtrack: Cherry Twist by The Crystal Method from Vegas

H!jynx immediately bitches about the handling. In addition to that, instead of listening to their usual fare, Miranda switched the radio of the Ares Hermes to play the cyber music that was popular of the time while she chatted with MageHat. Amanda rolled her eyes and played her own music in her headware while she talked with DoubleTap over their comms about the recent news and exploits in the shadows.
Miranda asked MageHat what he shoots with. Miranda produced an Ares Predator 5 from somewhere in her scant designer dress. The dwarf replied that his fire was more useful than any weapon. DoubleTap told her that the dwarf’s gun melted.
Amanda is some what envious of the attention, as only a home schooled child is, and broods; she blames her sister’s ways on her wanting to be an elf.
Inside the towering three story open roof outdoor mall the plan of attack for their shopping is made and the team tries to organize some sort of protection triangle. This plan quickly falls a part as the girls visit separate stores. H!jynx’s drone watches the mall and their vicinity for pickpockets and unusual disturbances.
Six hours into the shopping, the gun toting shadowrunners are now sherpas lugging around shopping bags of clothes. Miranda had forced MageHat to try on other clothes and get him out of his Hawaiian shirt and shorts look.
DoubleTap noticed a strange thrumming noise. He pinged H!jynx and looked into the aerial drone’s surveillance feed. Two signature masked black helicarriers were flying low over the Lagoonside Mall. The helicopters were flying close when Miranda shaded her eyes and looked up to identify them as Ares Pegasus troop transport helicopters, but they carried no identification.



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