Welcome to Lagos

MageHat’s hawala came through with the crew’s first job on June 16th 2072. They met OverZee at his bank at noon that day in one of his back rooms. He told them to meet Mr. Johnson at The Three Friends in Lagos Mainland proper the next day at noon. The Johnson was new on the block, but a respectable and honest one. After the meeting they went up to the Dubu Dubu Oja Arms market in Agege so H!jynx could speak with her contact Kabir, an Egun dwarf of Egyptian origins who runs electronics and drones. H!jynx keeps telling the team about getting a proper body. Back from their day out, one of the doormen tells DoubleTap that there will be a House Committee meeting on the 18th at 2 o’clock. The crew spends the rest of the day relaxing and getting ready for the their meet with the Johnson. The news on the television reports increased Igbo aggression in Ajegunle.
On the 17th the crew leaves in their Class A Westwind at 11:30 to get to The Three Friends on time for their meet. When they reach The Three Friends, a synthetic flesh android is their to meet them. The restaurant is a long hall with a bar down the side that curves off, opposite the bar are wooden and plastic tables set for two or four, and near the back where a handful of vinyl booths line the wall. People are happily chatting, eating, and lounging about at the middle class baka. She escorts them to a booth and explains that Mr. Johnson is going to be late and that they should begin their meals. DoubleTap chooses Palm Wine and local cuisine, while MageHat only eats cheese because of his fasting. Soon enough, Mr. Johnson arrives, after bowing and pleasantries everyone sits. The Johnson is a short stocky Chinese man with a linguasoft accent to his English. After the crew finishes their meal. Meanwhile from MageHat’s backpack, H!jynx is able to discover that the Johnson is a low level project manager for Wuxing Inc. that was recently transferred to Lagos named Sying Yin. Mr. Johnson explains the job as a simple extraction from the Ajegunle Slums. There is a girl held by a gang known as the 42 Tigers. They stole the girl from the Igbo and plan to sell her to a corporation. Mr. Johnson wants the girl to be delivered to him. The sooner the better. He is willing to offer 10,000¥ for safe extraction. DoubleTap thinks there is more to this than that and questions why the girl is so important. It turns out that she has been prophesied to be awakened and Mr. Johnson’s organization wants her. MageHat knows that 10,000¥ is to little and Mr. Johnson agrees to pay 15,000¥ as long as he has her by tomorrow. He gives them all the information he knows about the gang’s location and says there should be half a dozen gangers guarding her. The crews bows and leaves after the business is done.
MageHat hits up the local street mage gang leader in their neighbourhood Ebeneser and asks him about the 42 Tigers. He tells the dwarf exactly where he can find the the group of gangers, in the western side of the slums near the Igbo border. Ajegunle is mostly a dead zone and H!jynx will not be able to be effective in those regions. She will be ready in Apapa with the car at an extraction point for DoubleTap and MageHat after they have grabbed the girl.
The two runners move out into the slums after dark. They move quickly through the crowded platforms raised above the swamp on stilts and across the planks that bridge neighbourhoods and homes together. When they are in the area that Ebeneser told them the Tigers would be in MageHat summons a rat spirit to go investigate the area and look for the girl. The rat spirit bounds off and returns promptly, reporting that it had seen a young girl with eight men in a shanty that was separated by the surrounding slums with a few plank bridges to cross it. The runners move in and see the shanty with two guards outside with AK-97s. DoubleTap plans to sneak in from the east side while MageHat makes a distraction across from the shanty and casts a spell on himself to increase his reflexes. The elf turns on his camouflage and draws his ceramic knife. The dwarf bumbles around the other side and asks in Yoruba if the men know where the nearest washroom is. The two guards tell him to fuck off, but not before one of the guards notices the flickering outline of the elf sneaking towards them. The guard calls out, “Oi, issa vatjob comin’!”
DoubleTap runs forward and drives his knife into the closest guard. MageHat draws his Yamaha Sakura Fubuki and fires two bursts into the second guard. The first shot does not register in the software, but the second burst drives the man to the ground. He tries to fire back, but the bullets go past the mage and into a group of shacks behind him. Shouts from the shacks echo out. The door is kicked open while two gangers poke their guns out. The first fires two bursts at the street samurai, only for the elf to throw himself to the side and avoid the bullets. The second ganger fires at MageHat, bullets fly past the dwarf and into the shacks. There is a wet thud from the buildings behind him. He prefers to think it is their cooked devil rat falling to the floor.
The elf sheaths his dagger and quickly draws his assault rifle. Flicking the setting to full-auto he unloads bullets into the two gangers who fired out of the door. Their bloody bodies collapse to the floor. The mage notices another ganger sneaking out the side window with his pants half up. He tosses an ice sheet under at the ground and the man has a tough time staying upright. A large beast of a man, drugged up on jazz, menacingly swings an aluminum baseball bat at DoubleTap’s head. The elf does not have enough time to dodge and is smashed into the door frame, his metal arm dents the plasticard wall. Another ganger comes around from the east side and shoots at the street samurai. His bullets bounce off of the elf’s cyberarms, but the pain sensors shoot neurons into DoubleTap’s brain.
With a vengeance the elf unloads the rest of his magazine into the giant baseball bat wielding ganger. The large man’s core is filled with bullets and is sent reeling. He breaks the back wall of the shanty and falls into the lagoon. MageHat rushes over to his companion and heals him, the life essence from the dwarf flows from one to the other. Then, the final dwarf walks into the building and deals with the final ganger inside. Firing to bursts, the guard sprawls backwards into the washroom, he lands on stained porno mags, struggling to get up. From outside, the two runners can hear Igbo Area Boys charging into the 42 Tigers’ territory.
DoubleTap sees the girl in the corner tied up and unconscious on a wooden bench. Her velvet skin is covered with black bruises and dried blood cakes the inside of her legs. The hitman judges her to be eight or nine. MageHat voices over the comm: “Scorch and burn!” DoubleTap grabs the unconscious girl and smashes through the window. The dwarf walks over to the struggling guard and tosses a fireball at him. Flames eat away at the wooden floor and flesh bubbles on the dying guards. The two runners jog away from the commotion, Area Boys shoot haphazardly into shacks and slummers that fall into their sights.
After twenty minutes of jogging the two runners come to a bunch of ghouls raiding a slum neighbourhood for bodies, throwing the wailing people into a cart. To make sure they are distracted, MageHat tosses an icesheet under the cart. The ghoul pulling it falls over and the hideous creatures turn their attentions away from finding prey and towards retrieving escaped meals.
The two finally burst out from the Ajegunle and see their ride surrounded by a gangers. H!jynx sends a ping and tells them she paid them for protection. The doors pop open. The elf takes the girl into the back and the dwarf sits in the driver’s seat. They have a leisurely drive back to Mushin, MageHat heals the girl and confirms that she has a spark of awakened potential in her. When they return the doorman reminds them of the meeting tomorrow at 2:30 and they ask the prostitute living across from them for a robe for the girl. Mr. Johnson is contacted and he wants to see the crew at noon the next day in the parking lot behind The Three Friends.
At the meeting, the crew hands over the girl to Mr. Johnson and a routine of heavily armed guards with an unmarked black van. They take the girl and are paid 15,000¥ as promised, in gold bars. The Johnson asks for a number that he can contact them at. MageHat gives the Johnson the number to H!jynx’s mail node and with that the Johnson thanks the crew again and leaves.

On their way back, the dwarf gets a call from one of his contacts, Atokal, that he needs to see him as soon as possible. DoubleTap’s fixer Gus requests to see him about some urgent news. H!jynx drives MageHat to Atokal’s and tells him that she has some errands to run. MageHat goes into Atokal’s shop to find it full of wounded gangers. Atokal promises to give the dwarf binding material if he helps heal the gang, because at the moment he is short handed.

Meanwhile DoubleTap sees Gus and is told that two made men from the Papadopoulos Family are in Lagos in the baka The Palm asking around for him. Gus gives DoubleTap the address and the number to reach the owner at. The hitman calls the bartender and one quick bribe later slips in the back door of the baka and has access to one of the security cameras as one of the mafia goes into the washroom. Assorted guards and waiters block of the view from the other made man as the elf slips into the washroom. The elf cloaks and sneaks up behind the Greek man as he uses the urinal. The bathroom attendant, a muscular bald chocolate man with a goatee, mirror shades, and the words “Sweet Lovin’” scrawled across his armoured vest in graffiti shrugs as DoubleTap comes in and watches politely.
The made man notices the elf in the reflection off of the metal piping. He spins around just in time to block two tomahawks from coming down on him. Urine streams down onto DoubleTap’s leg and boots. He returns the attack with throwing his knee into the hitman’s face. DoubleTap knocks the knee to the side and hacks down again, scoring a light hit. His opponent, pistol drawn, fires into the elf’s stomach. The bullet is stopped by his armour, but a welt forms on his sternum. To finish the made man off, DoubleTap drives a tomahawk into his chest, forcing him against a stall. Blood spurts out and the soldier as he drops to the floor.
On the security camera watching the other mafia man alerted DoubleTap that the second man was coming to the washroom with a Browning Ultra-Power drawn. Sweet Lovin’ moved into the hall that connected the men’s washroom to the restaurant as the second mafia came in.
The made man had the first move, he rounded the corner and shot at DoubleTap. The elf charged and swung his tomahawks for a quick kill, but the human stepped to the side and used the momentum to his advantage to avoid the blow, and fired two shots at the elf in response. The same momentum that he used to dodge the hitman was used against him as the bullets smashed against the tiles on the wall. DoubleTap tried for another duel attack, but the mafia man dodged backwards. He returned the favour and shot DoubleTap in the chest. The bullet penetrated. Now the street samurai stood at the end of the stalls and the mafia man blocked off the door. The elf had a feeling that he knew this guy, but in the heat of the moment he could not remember. Sheathing the tomahawks, he drew his Colt instead.
DoubleTap took two shots at the made man, the first bullet sailed past, but the next bullet dug into his right shoulder. Dropping the gun, a combat spur popped up from his left arm. He charged the elf and ran his blade through the hitman’s midsection. The elf managed to parry the attack with his pistol so he was not impaled, but the spur sank into his right side. The made man drew back his spur and placed the point on DoubleTap’s head. He told the elf how Spyro had sent teams across Africa when he knew that the elf left Europe, and how lucky he was to kill one of his old partners and claim that juicy reward.
Sweet Lovin’s boss decided that that was enough and the chocolate guard came in and shot the mafia man in the back. He jolted and jittered about until he was unconscious on the ground. The bartender came in and introduced himself as Amanda MaureenArmada. A shaman came in with him and healed up DoubleTap’s spur injury, however he would not feel the same. Armada offered to replace it with a prosthetic torso, but the elf declined. Not deterred, Armada knew a favour would be in order.
DoubleTap remembered the man as Andros, another hitman for the family who sometimes went on missions with him. Andros was brought into a back room and given a shot of adrenaline to keep him alive for a little while longer, he was bleeding out fast from being shot. After some torture and interrogating, he tells the elf that a boatload of Greek Mafia, supported by the Greek Commission and under command of the Papadopoulos, were coming to Lagos to set up a new base. DoubleTap killed Andros after he learnt the information by shooting him point blank with his Colt; everything above the lower jaw became paste on the wall. Armada gave the hitman his number and told him that a favour was due. The elf agreed, but he wanted the body of Andros to dispose of himself. Armada’s butcher came in: a gaunt, skinny Yoruba man with slender arms and a cleaver removed Andros’ cybernetic enhancements before they packed him up in a body bag.
H!jynx and MageHat picked up DoubleTap from The Palm. Sweet Lovin’ helped the elf into the car and Armada tossed the remains of Andros into the trunk. Armada snapped and pointed at DoubleTap, knowing that the hitman would repay him. Back at the flat, the elf went to the roof with a garbage can and a lighter. He put the remains in the can. The Greek elf tossed in two coins. He set the body on fire and watched the flames dance out of the garbage can.



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