Welcome to Lagos

Retail Therapy
Something Completely Different

July 6th Evening to the Afternoon of the 7th

Soundtrack: Butterfly by The Seatbelts from Future Blues

When the team was back in mesh range there was a message in the crew’s public drop box. Armada sent a message titled: INFORMATION RECENT SITUATION; JOB. MageHat copied the message and saved it before DoubleTap was able to quickly read the gist of it—he had a job for them and information regarding their Whyte Noice situation, he would like to see them as soon as possible—and deleted the mail. MageHat queried at who the mail had come from, but his tight lipped partner did not say anything.
When they reached their residence, Armada pinged DoubleTap and convinced him to come down and see him to pay a bit back—good thing the elf answered, Armada was about to send some gentlemen over to get him.
Everyone piled back into the Westwind and drove back to The Palm. A nude singer with a big band belted out tunes while strippers danced around the stage. MageHat and H!jynx sat at the bar that Sweet Lovin’ was ‘bar-tending’. MageHat ordered two drinks and a bowl for the tiger. The African American was impressed with the animal lapping up palm wine. DoubleTap was pointed into the back room.
Armada spoke to DoubleTap about White Noice, and that he had a Johnson give him a job request for a team that Armada trusted not to fuck up. Armada believed that team was the crew. He told DoulbeTap the Johnson would be there shortly and to wait in the bar.
Time passed and the entire crew was called in. The Johnson was a gaunt lean man with slicked back silver hair. He asked the team to go to the Victoria Hotel and confirm the exact location of a target. DoubleTap, being ‘suspicious’, asked exactly why he did not have his own people do it. The elf’s attitude was not appreciated and he walked out on them. Armada traded some harsh words and told them to get the fuck out.
Back at the apartment, the three of them went to sleep.

In the morning Amanda had left near a hundred messages in the crew’s dropbox asking them to see her father as soon as they could. MageHat deleted the messages and DoubleTap pinged the girl. She informed them that her father had a very special job for them. She sent them specific directions to follow to the corp. The crew got ready and drove to the Eko Bridge and were waved through. Lagos Island was a frieghteningly different place than the rest of the sprawl. Spiralling glass towers speared the clouds above, expensive cars and suits manoeuvred the streets, and many people had their commlinks on ‘public’.
Once inside the Ares Arms compound they were shown into the white main foyer of the corporate offices. A woman in a white suit behind a white desk at a white cyberdeck. She pointed them to the proper elevator and gave them clearence to the Elliot Maureen’s floor.
They were brought from the elevator down a corridor filled with AR portraits of UCAS victories, Athenian busts, and pictures of various employees around the world at other Ares Arms locations.
Once they had retinal scans, they entered Elliot‘s office. Its walls were covered with real paintings and portraits. He sat behind an oak desk smoking a cigarette, the smoke made the Ares Arms or Ares Macrotechnology logo when he puffed it out.
He asked them to take a seat and explained his current situation. The Knight Errant forces he usually had at his disposal were at a training session for the next few days and he promised his daughter Amanda that she would get the new Renraku commlink if her grades improved after being sent to Lagos University. After the incident, she was returned to the Ares Arms post-secondary program in the bio-chem labs. Her grades have improved, and she will not stop talking about the commlink or the Take Backers.
He trusts that they will take his daughter to the Lagoonside Mall, get the commlink, and come back. He will pay them 5,000¥ for their troubles. As MageHat starts negotiating for more, the side panel of the wall opens and a beautiful woman walks out. She could be a tridstar or a rocker. Elliot ignores her, but she is taken by the dwarf’s charms and proceeds to ask MageHat where he is going. Once she has the information disclosed, Elliot ups the price to 8,000¥ if he takes both daughters. The runners agree. He tells them that there is a Hermes van in the underground parking that they can utilize.

Soundtrack: Cherry Twist by The Crystal Method from Vegas

H!jynx immediately bitches about the handling. In addition to that, instead of listening to their usual fare, Miranda switched the radio of the Ares Hermes to play the cyber music that was popular of the time while she chatted with MageHat. Amanda rolled her eyes and played her own music in her headware while she talked with DoubleTap over their comms about the recent news and exploits in the shadows.
Miranda asked MageHat what he shoots with. Miranda produced an Ares Predator 5 from somewhere in her scant designer dress. The dwarf replied that his fire was more useful than any weapon. DoubleTap told her that the dwarf’s gun melted.
Amanda is some what envious of the attention, as only a home schooled child is, and broods; she blames her sister’s ways on her wanting to be an elf.
Inside the towering three story open roof outdoor mall the plan of attack for their shopping is made and the team tries to organize some sort of protection triangle. This plan quickly falls a part as the girls visit separate stores. H!jynx’s drone watches the mall and their vicinity for pickpockets and unusual disturbances.
Six hours into the shopping, the gun toting shadowrunners are now sherpas lugging around shopping bags of clothes. Miranda had forced MageHat to try on other clothes and get him out of his Hawaiian shirt and shorts look.
DoubleTap noticed a strange thrumming noise. He pinged H!jynx and looked into the aerial drone’s surveillance feed. Two signature masked black helicarriers were flying low over the Lagoonside Mall. The helicopters were flying close when Miranda shaded her eyes and looked up to identify them as Ares Pegasus troop transport helicopters, but they carried no identification.

Sea Lion Wetwork 5
Great Balls of Fire

Soundtrack: BlaXk Magic Mushroom by Tsuneo Imahori from Music Only Music But Music
The Night of the Sixth of July

MageHat healed H!jynx and DoubleTap after the crew reached their place. The orc was gagged and tied up. MageHat messaged Atokal and asked for a magemask to put on the captured orc mojoman. DoubleTap asks Boris to send a runner to deliver him a Chameleon suit. The items were brought, including DoubleTap’s katana, by the separate parties and when the orc came to he had a black hood on. The magemask in question contained a rather brutal variety of pins, needles, and a leech astral monitor to deliver brutal responses to spells cast. The team saw the DocWagon helicopters fly back from the fire scene.
DoubleTap sat down and began to interrogate the orc while MageHat watched television and H!jynx’s trideo persona watched the torture. The hitman cut off the orc’s finger as well as his hand before sprinkling salt on the wound, yet the orc refused to obey. He even went so far as to cast a mind storm on DoubleTap, the overcast spell knocked the elf unconscious as his ear’s bled. The orc’s head exploded inside the magehood from the amplified drain. MageHat healed some of DoubleTap’s damage and put the body in the garbage bin on the roof which has been designated for bodies.
When the elf recovered from his massive headache he became furious that the orc had been disposed of. The dwarf apologized profusely, but to no avail. The loss of humanity from having his arms removed had begun to take its toll on DoubleTap. H!jynx noted the increase in hostility in his diagnostics.
The crew knew that that night there would be four gangers from the Sea Lions at the back of the baka across from the brothel DoubleTap tossed the grenade in. The team piled into the car and drove to Kabir’s to pick up H!jynx’s new drone. The drone was launched from the Dubu Dubu Oja and the team drove to Shomolu to deal with the four gangers.
H!jynx’s drone stayed in place at 10km above the crew with its enhanced telescopic zoom lenses to capture the immediate area around the back alley of the baka.
The lot behind the baka was blocked off to the south by a white wooden fence. The north had two metres of fence extending from the slum shanties to the west and the baka to the east. In the centre of the lot was a white plastic patio table with a few wooden folding chairs. H!jynx and DoubleTap hid behind the fence on either sides of the opening to the north. MageHat sat at the table with his rat spirit Drit and played poker while waiting for the gangers. Drit always won, even though MageHat rigged the deck and had two aces up his sleeve.
The Sea Lions showed up: two orcs and two humans high on jazz or cram. They had tattoos covering their arms and shaved heads of lions with seal bodies. MageHat made conversation trying to convince the boosters that he was Sea Lion material. They didn’t believe him, and told him to leave. He asked if there was anything he could do to please them. One of the orcs unzipped his jeans. MageHat did not take kindly to this and cast increased reflexes while taking cover behind the plastic table. DoubleTap charged with his new katana from one side while H!jynx pounced on the other. Drit scampered off.
The orc with his trousers around his knees was taken aback as he was being torn apart by a cybertiger. DoubleTap’s initial charge was blocked by the ganger’s AK-97 carbine. The other two gangers took shots into the plastic table, which proved to be inefficient cover. MageHat took a bullet to the side of his lower back. The ganger fighting DoubleTap tried to shoot at the elf, but the elf kept the barrel to the side, while the poor human being gored by H!jynx tried to fight the beast off unsuccessfully.
DoubleTap continued to slash at the ganger, but his training with the katana had been limited, his opponent was taking advantage of his lack of knowledge. They exchanged blows, the ganger trying to keep inside the elf’s guard.
One of the humans fled behind a shanty for cover as the man who shot at MageHat turned to help his comrade fend off the tiger. MageHat healed his wounds, blood was pulled into his body off the ground and the wound stitched itself up.
The would-be swordsman was making little lee-way with his opponent. Bruises and minor cuts were exchanged.
MageHat ran out from behind cover and jumped up to force a flaming hand into the head of the ganger trying to assist his now disembowelled friend. The searing heat burned at his face. The ganger behind cover shot a burst at the dwarf. The bullet spray slammed into MageHat’s armour, knocking him sideways out of the air and onto the ground—his flaming hand landed on cardboard. The alley started to go up in flames. H!jynx’s tiger overrode her rigging and smashed through the fence to the south to escape the flames.
The dwarf was on his back in a growing fire. He took out his Yamaha cherry blossom and fired it into the feet of the man he burned. The bullets cracked and ricocheted off the ground until a narrow burst cut through the orc’s shin. He crumpled and bled out in the fire.
Standing up and dusting the mud off, MageHat threw a fireball at the booster behind cover, catching the surrounding shanties in a roaring blaze. DoubleTap finally cut down his opponent. The fire licked his camouflage, and he decided to leave the way that H!jynx broke open. The dwarf followed them out and the team piled into the waiting Westwind. The drone watched the Sea Lion territory as the residents banded together to put out the slum fire.

Sea Lion Wetwork 4
Lagosian Stand-off

DoubleTap brought his Sernopel up to rest it on the hood of the car he was taking cover, taking aim on the meta mage that he had a ‘conversation’ with the previous day. DoubleTap noticed the shine of a crossbow on a second story window and utilized his thermographic vision to confirm the woman. The situation was tense. MageHat cast improved reflexes on himself as H!jynx slipped beside the alleyway that the troll was coming out of. MageHat sent Drit to distract the female bounty hunter.
The mojoman across the street in the riot gear cast influence on MageHat, who counter cast the spell and took cover behind a car while tossing an ice sheet under the mojoman, he slipped on the ice and fell prone. H!jynx began to hack the commlink of the bounty hunter to establish a secure tap on their communication. The bounty hunter fired her crossbow at DoubleTap. The capsule head of the bolt knocked the wind out of the hitman and released a think screen of thermo-smoke. The troll burst out of the alley way, yet failed to notice the waiting H!jynx. The tiger biodrone pounced (he misfired two shots that killed the man driving the car MageHat was taking cover behind) and tore at the troll who tried in vain to hold off the vicious cyber beast tearing up his chest.
The woman on the roof ran from the window to head down the stairs. MageHat gave Drit the instructions to attack in addition to materializing Câlan close to the woman. DoubleTap fired out of the smoke at where the mojoman would be and the bullets thudded into the man’s riot armour. The elf moved out of the smoke and took a knee. H!jynx finished hacking the systems while her biodrone continued to rake at the troll’s body, he disparately tried to knock the cat off. The Take Backers heard the cries as Whyte Noice’s plan was falling apart.
The mojoman materialized his spirit beside MageHat. A giant hulking spartan warrior stood beside the dwarf, brandishing a menacing spear. MageHat tried to banish the spirit and only succeeded in making its presence waver.
DoubleTap fired more shots into the side of the mojoman before charging in and delivering a finishing blow with his katana; the mojoman dropped unconscious to the floor.
The spirit stabbed MageHat in the gut with his spear. Blood seeped from the gaping wound. The dwarf surged with power and finished banishing the spirit. Collapsing against the car he healed his stomach.
The bounty hunter sprinted out of the building she was in and spun to the right—Drit attached to her leg. She fired off her crossbow. The chrome bolt pieced the hitman in the shoulder, breaking some wiring in his cyberarm. Her victory was cut short by Câlan storming through the wall and slamming the woman into the car. Drit gnawed on her leg before being thrown off. The woman was crushed into the side of vehicle (a panicked driver frantically tried to escape). H!jynx finished chewing through the troll as the Doc Wagon transmissions from the downed Whyte Noice were filtered through H!jynx’s tap.
DoubleTap threw off the armoured mojoman’s commlink and threw him on Câlan. As a gang of Awori Muslims charged down the street the crew split as MageHat hid his astral signature.

Sea Lion Wetwork 3
Right To Bear Arms

Soundtrack: Guy by Yoko Kanno from the Darker Than Black OST

MageHat casts combat reflexes and flees the room while he orders Câlan the bear spirit to attack the street samuari and Drit the rat to warn the other tenants that shit is going down. The troll rushes into the building through the front door. Câlan swipes at the street sammie, giving him a solid hit, but the samurai fails to land a shot on the spirit.
MageHat grabs an eichiro and rushes back to the corridor door. Câlan and the samurai continue their duel as the troll makes his way to the stairs.
The sammie jumps up to the second floor and lands on the window, hoping to avoid the bear. MageHat tosses an ice sheet to cover the window sill. The samurai is careful not to slip. Câlan follows the sammie up, charging and knocking the vatjob right into the sofa. There are stomps on the stairs as the troll makes his way up.
The troll kicks down the door and stands in the doorway. MageHat points the troll gun at him and fires. The shot misses by a clean foot. Câlan mauls the Samurai on the ground while the troll fires revolver shots at the spirit without a single shell piecing the astral shield. The pinned street samurai is able to bring out his own pistol shotgun and fires a single slug through Câlan, causing the bear to shriek in pain. Drit informs MageHat that the tenants have been warned and that there are dust bunnies behind the fridge.
Câlan switches targets and goes after the troll, who fires more shots at the bear. MageHat takes a chance to burst fire with his yamaha, but the rounds did not piece the sammy’s armour. Drit even rushes in and begins to snap at the downed vatjob to little effect.
The troll cuts his losses and grabs the samurai before jumping out the window and landing on the Landlord’s car parked down below. Drit gives a quick chase, but becomes distracted and follows a floating plant seed.
As DoubleTap and H!jynx make it back the Landlord is requesting that MageHat pay for all the damages, which the dwarf is able to sway in his favour with the help of Henry Tailor, who was concerned about the utter lack of security. MageHat blames DoubleTap for the breech in security and demands that the elf pays for the damages that they have to cover. After some hard knocks on the elf’s door, there is an exchange of nuyen and everyone goes to bed on a bad foot.
The next morning a window repair guy is an hour late and a sofa is brought up by some of the security. DoubleTap and MageHat are silent as the elf leaves to buy a new suit of armour from Boris without a word. The dwarf tells H!jynx that they shouldn’t leave DoubleTap alone after the fact and the two rush off to shadow their partner.
They find the elf wandering down the sidewalk, his injuries the previous day made his nagging wound from Andros bother him too much to pay attention as the meta mojoman in riot gear from the baka follow him. MageHat spots DoubleTap in the crowd, but also notices the awakened orc following him, as well as a woman in a second story window training a bead on DoubleTap with a crossbow and the troll from the previous attack following the mage.
MageHat warns the elf over his comm and the elf promptly takes cover. Both men remember that Mushin is under strict sharia. H!jynx chameleons and jumps across some cars in the slow go to scan and decrypt traffic going between the three enemies. She learns that they are a shadow team called Whyte Noice.

Sea Lion Wetwork 2
The Hitmen are Hit

Soundtrack: Home Stretch by Joe Henderson

DoubleTap gropes at his head. His mind swells again and the dwarf that was watching him stands up and walks into the baka. The elf begins to unwillingly remember where he lives. He curses and follows the stalker into the bar. H!jynx pads in behind the elf, unsure of what is occurring. DoubleTap spots the dwarf at the back of the room and notices the shotgun he has under the table. Ignoring this, he walks over, sits down, and asks the dwarf if he would like to talk. The dwarf presses the shotgun into fires two shots from his shotgun at the elf in point blank. His reflexes kick in—not a moment too soon—and the hitman knocks the shotgun barrel to the side and shifts his weight so all the buckshot hits is ceiling. The dwarf kicks the table up and uses it as cover.
H!jynx tries to get a swipe in, but only manages to chip at the table. The hitman brings his own shotgun to bare and fires at the dwarf. One shot hits only table, but the second shot clears it and hits the dwarf in the stomach. From upstairs, DoubleTap sees a figure on the stair platform leading up to the second-floor in full riot gear with a riot shield blocking the doorway. The meta peeks through the shield’s clear plastic view port and The elf’s brain burns as a mental shitstorm swells inside his head.
The dwarf takes advantage of this and fires off a shot of dragon’s breath. The fire shell envelops the hitman, doing no damage to him, but burning his armour. He then turns tail and runs away from the elf and cybercat. H!jynx chases after him. DoubleTap remembers that he has a grenade in his pocket and throws the high-explosive over the riot shield. The meta notices and blocks the grenade: it bounces off and down the stairs towards the elf. He runs outside, lighting from the caster searing his leg as the explosion knocks him out of the back door. His armour is in tatters and he is now in the middle of a thick thermosmoke cloud. H!jynx helps the elf out of the smoke and the two rush back out of Shomolu into Mushin to get to the mesh and warn MageHat that their position has been compromised.

When the duo reach Mushin and warn MageHat, he has just finished recuperating from summoning Câlan and Drit, yet he is still weary and stunned. He peers out the window just in time to notice the same street samurai from the previous day and a troll with two revolvers throw grenades up at the window. Both of the grenades stuck and MageHat was able to dive behind the sofa in time. The windows are blasted in—the glass cuts the sofa and shards litter the floor. DoubleTap instructs MageHat to get his troll guns.

Sea Lion Wetwork 1
Broken Sofas and Mindleaks

Soundtrack: Koop Island Blues by Koop

The crew returned to their place late in the morning, catching a wink of sleep before being waken up by the Landlord demanding rent with a group of his gang at his back. MageHat forked over 4,000¥. DoubleTap told the crew that Gus called him with a job that would be a little bit more long term until this whole Tamanous thing blew over.
They arrived at Gus’ guarded home in Apapa. The mafia fixer tossed them that morning’s copy of the Lagos Shadows Daily. On the tenth page was a story titled ‘Tamanous Confounded By Take Bakers’. The Daily’s sources had been able to match the sound clips of a Sernopel assault rifle and the astral signature of the magician that appeared at both the Lagos University extraction, the high speed pursuit, and the fleshway scene. Gus explained that Tamanous was threatening fixers and free-lance Johnsons not to offer the crew jobs.
Gus does not know the employer, but the Johnson is a professional. He gives the team the address of the Sidewinder dive in Ikeja and the code that will be needed to meet the Johnson on the roof.
The crew went up to the Dubu Dubu Oja arms market to secure some supplies since their double payday last night. H!jynx ordered two drones from Kabir, DoubleTap bought an assortment of grenades and ordered a katana, a rocket launcher and 9,000¥ in various ammunition that Boris would choose, and MageHat purchased a combat spell and binding materials from Atokal.
After their excursion the Take Backers went to meet the Johnson. Traffic was horrendous as the slow gos usually are in Lagos—but it was only a few hours before they reached the dive. It had been built out of half of an old factory that was shut down after some ‘routine maintenance’. The security guard scanned the code and let the crew up to the roof to see Ms. Johnson while a valet packed the car in a shared fenced in parking lot. The Johnson sat at a plastic patio set under a torn yellow umbrella. The entire roof was surrounded by a soot covered terrace.
The dinner of fish and palm wine that was not half bad for a CAS down-home diner in Africa ended shortly and business was discussed. H!jynx had been searching the datahavens while loudly eating raw meat, but was unable to find a trace of cyberdirt on their Johnson. Ms. Johnson explained that the employment would be a month long contract. They would be paid 3,000¥ up front, and 500¥ a week for expenses. When the job was complete another 4,000¥ would be paid.
The job involves the killing of an entire gang of thirty eight: eighteen humans, fifteen orcs, three elves and two trolls. The gang is called the Sea Lions and is easily identifiable by their navy blue ‘sea lion’ tattoos that cover their arms and torsos. DoubleTap questioned what type of armament and magic that the gang possessed. The Johnson shrugged and sipped wine as she explained that their weapons were standard for the boosters of the area and that there is a magician and an adept in the gang. DoubleTap liked the change of pace from extraction, and after a brief round-up of information such as a map of the neighbourhood that the gang’s turf is in and instructions to report back to the Johnson on the roof of the Sidewinder once every seven days, the Take Backers agreed to the job.
It was an early night for the team. MageHat would be spending all of the next day summoning and binding Câlan the bear spirit and Drit the rat spirit while DoubleTap and H!jynx went to Shomolu to scout out the gang’s turf. The next morning (July 4th) the team ate breakfast before MageHat locked himself in his room and the other two left Mushin for the Sea Lion’s turf.
DoubleTap examined the neighbourhood and found some good sniping positions while H!jynx tried to find a network to mesh with in the area to no success. The elf chatted with a local who spoke Awori about the gang: he discovered that four gangers use the back alley of a baka as a hangout in the evening where they shoot drugs and drink and that a human and a troll frequent a cherubium across the street a few days a week after hours.
The elf went and had a drink at the man’s bar and while he was walking down the street he noticed a Caucasian dwarf with a shotgun on his lap pretending to read the paper was watching him. The hitman made his move by advancing on the dwarf, and at that moment he felt something shifting through his surface thoughts. He stopped in the street. H!jynx looked up and asked over their commlinks, “What’s wrong?”

The Take Back 3

Soundtrack: Highheel Runway by Yoko Kanno and N.Y. Rush by The Seatbelts

The two Knight Errant vans closed in on the Westwind. Gun ports opened on their sides and muzzles poked out. H!jynx tried to navigate around the traffic to get a break away, but it would not work. The Knights fired at the crew. Bullets smashed against the side of the car, and H!jynx tried to avoid the fire, but scratched the paint and smashed a rear view mirror on a park truck. MageHat cursed at them for wrecking his car and tossed an ice sheet under one of the vans. It landed under one of the vans, sending it careening into the storefront window. H!jynx tried to pull around a Danfo, and ended up jammed between it and the road. Three men shot out from the side, a bullet hit the dwarf in the arm. DoubleTap stood up through the shotgun window and brought his rifle around. He fired a burst into the front seat of the remaining Knight Errant van, killing the passenger and wounding the driver. He flipped to semi-automatic and finished the job on the driver with a clean shot. The danfo started up again and MageHat tossed a fireball into the van, exploding inside and burning away the Knights.
MageHat assessed the damages at around 3,000-5,000¥ as they sped towards the lagoon bridge that their employer set up for their meet-up. Amanda was getting used to the idea of being kidnapped and started asking the team questions and having some pleasant conversation with H!jynx about what it was like being a tiger. It was 11:30PM and almost time for the deal, and DoubleTap was feeling very sour about the lack of information provided about the extraction. He did not like being lied to about who the girl was and the lack of information that the team was given by their Johnson. H!jynx and MageHat figured that they would stand off to the side when the guns were drawn.
The crew made it to the rendez-vous point. Convoys of trucks, vans, and chained humans surrounded them at the beginning of the fleshway to Asamando. MageHat started to cry when he saw the extent of the damage to his Westwind. Their Johnson awaited them with a group of black vans with a few squads of guards in police armour. DoubleTap handed Amanda over. She was placed in a cushioned lead box in the back of one of the vans. The Johnson paid them 15,000¥ in soft credits, with an extra 5,000¥ for the damages to the car. He told them to go to a jeun soke shop down in Babagry and tell the people that Jengo sent them and they would be sorted out. DoubleTap still felt the need to be vindicated and exchanged some harsh words before the convoy left at a leisurely pace. The crew drive to the chop shop, where they find it is both a flesh chop shop and a mechanic chop shop. It pays to be diverse. The mechanic is wary of the runners, but after they tell him that Jengo sent them, he appraises the car at 2,500¥ and says it will be done in an hour. A salesman comes out and asks if they want any cybernetics or prosthetic, to which both runners say no. He makes some small talk then is called to prep the back room when a pick-up truck with a bunch of body bags pulls up. MageHat checks the time. 00:10AM July 3rd.
After their car was fixed, they went to Fetsac Town check on their mailbox and to grab some gas. Armada sent DoubleTap a message telling him that is a job for any takers. A girl was extracted from a university yesterday night and the Johnson is willing to pay 10,000¥ no questions asked upon her safe return. Gus also sent the hitman a message about a job, but declined to mention what it was about. The elf’s sour expression morphed into a vindictive grin, which terrified MageHat but excited H!jynx as the AI’s sensors showed an increase in the elf’s serotonin levels.
DoubleTap ordered the car to turn around and head for the fleshway. MageHat asked why as the hitman flipped off the safety on his rifle. The mojoman did not like the idea of double-crossing their Johnson, but liked the cold hard nuyen in his hand better. After some coordinating between H!jynx, her corporate spider friend Leon, and the blogger Adofo the AI determined the position of the convoy and at a speed of 220 miles per hour they would reach it in forty minutes. The usual go-gangs where not seen that night, because it currently belonged exclusively to Tamanous.

When the small convoy’s lights blinked ahead on the fleshway MageHat called on Câlan to be ready to attack. Once the vans were in clear sight, the dwarf flung an ice sheet ahead of them. Sweat dripped from his forehead as the slick ice spread across the highway. The head van, the target, and its right wing van spun out and crashed to the right—the lead van went straight off the road and smashed into the ditch. The right wing van smashed into a road barrier with the target van crashing in beside it. The left flank van spun out to the left and flipped onto its side. Armoured and armed men emerged from the broken vehicles with their weapons in hand.
H!jynx put on the parking break and the sports car began a controlled spin to go from 220 mph to stop. DoubleTap decided to leave the car at this point, leaping out of the vehicle into a combat roll. His body crunched against the pavement, his cyberarm and ceramic camouflage armour took the brunt of the damage. The dwarf, while still in the spinning vehicle, sent his bear spirit on a group of dazed security coming out of the flipped left car while he threw a fireball at the wrecked car in the ditch. The bear swiped with his might paws and knocked the three security men off their feet. The fireball exploded and engulfed the van, with the two surviving personal inside. The guards of the other two vehicles opened fire on the elf. A barrage of semi-automatic fire at the combat gymnastics rolling elf smacked against the pavement leaving the hitman unharmed. The three guards that the bear attacked unloaded automatic fire into it, causing the bear to dissipate and return to the astral.
The car came to a stop. H!jynx leapt out and began mauling a guard on her way to the lead box containing Amanda. DoubleTap fired a few bursts at the right wing van, killing one guard and maiming the other; the second burst killed the two guards standing at the ready beside the lead case staring terrified at the cyber tiger. The dwarf shook his head as he left the vehicle. The three men who dispersed his spirit were quickly burnt to death by another fireball. With all the guards dead or bleeding out, the team repossessed Amanda, who told them that she knew they would come back for her the whole time. Suffering from minor Stockholm syndrome, she was glad that her previous extractors had returned.
The crew loaded back up into the Westwind and drove off before any reinforcements showed up. After recharging the Westwind’s battery at a fuel station in Fetsac the crew went to the location that Armada said the Johnson would be meeting them at. H!jynx and Amanda exchanged FriendNet addresses. When they reached the heavily guarded underground parking for a Mainland Lagos proper four start hotel a few passwords were entered by Armada and the crew went down to the fourth floor. Their, a Knight Errant van with a full Firewatch squad surrounded a blond-haired corporate looking gentleman that was easily identified as Elliot Maureen. He thanked the team for their assistance and paid the fee of 10,000¥ in uncut diamonds. After the exchange the team rolled out of the parking lot. On the radio news has spread about the hit on the fleshway and that the sound patterns of the burst weapons from the Lagos extraction and the magical signature from both scenes match the culprits. A passing Council drone was able to pick up weapon sound samples before it reached the crime scene. MageHat checked the time as they were heading back as 03:00AM July 3rd.

The Take Back 2
Welcome to Extraction U

H!jynx puts out a line to her blogger friend Adofo, who specializes in Lagos corporate and criminal rumours, about Amanda Maureen and her importance. DoubleTap plans to activate his camouflage suit with H!jynx being in chameleon and navigate through the International Dorms to the third floor and extract Amanda while MageHat blends in as a squatter and has his bear spirit Câlan make a distraction for the outside security. First, MageHat summons his rat spirit and tells it to watch the window outside of their target’s room for a back door out of the building. The dwarf wanders over to some security and begs to make some cover before pretending to sell drugs to some Confraternity kids. Once he starts mingling, he sends in his bear spirit to crush a nearby tree, causing a crowd to gather and the security to wander over to the bear.
DoubleTap and H!jynx sneak into the dorm, accidentally setting off the electric sliding door while being active camouflage. The guards mutter about faulty MCT secondhand electronics crap that the university keeps buying from Egypt. They work their way up the stairs, but notice that there is a group of university students heading up the stairs with personal security guards with them. One of the guards thinks something is weird and loiters a little before going into the second floor dorm area.
The extraction team gets into the third floor dorm. There is a party happening for finishing the end of year Chemistry exams: students and security are packed into the dining area of the dorm hall. They locate their target sitting at the edge of the group sipping a drink watching everyone celebrate. As they make their move to grab her and go, a drunk girl stumbles backwards, spilling her drink on DoubleTap and landing on H!jynx.
Meanwhile, MageHat’s spirit has gained the attention of the Lagos University’s passing head of Magical Theory. He brandishes a wand and tries to banish the spirit, dismissing it as an end of exam prank. When it does not disappear, he knows that something is up. Câlan expressed a need for revenge that MageHat was not going to pass up.
DoubleTap knows that their cover is blown and draws his Colt and fires two shots into the air. The bullets rip through the ceiling and into the dorm hall above. Screams are heard from upstairs. The elf explains that he is taking the girl Amanda and leaving. Other bodyguards tell him to take his target and get out. H!jynx races for the main exit while DoubleTap takes Amanda into her dorm and fastens on a rappelling rope. The girl is understandably upset, but does not physically resist as the hitman picks her up and takes her out the window, which the rat reports as “no peoples, but with lots of pretty pollen”.
As he is repelling down, MageHat unleashes his potential. The spirit Câlan runs down the school professor and after a short exchange of mental wills, the bear turned the professor into a mushy paste. The dwarf turned on the approaching security forces and threw a sheet of ice under their feet. The security was shocked, but not overly concerned. They took out their pistols with capsule rounds and shot up at the escaping DoubleTap as H!jynx commanded the car to come pick them up. As the hitman climbed down, Amanda dropped a metal gadget that shattered when it hit the turf. Instead of finishing the climb, the elf dropped from the second story and rolled onto his cybernetic arm.
Adofo calls back H!jynx as she leaps into the back seat of the Westwind. Amanda Maureen is a recent transfer from England and the daughter of Ares Arms Distribution Manager of Lagos Elliot Maureen. DoubleTap curses as he places the girl in the back seat on H!jynx. MageHat resists the urge to scorch the university and they peel out of the campus and onto one of the back roads to avoid the slow go that sits in the Mainland streets.
Zooming away to the Ajegunle bridge being created for them by their Johnson, H!jynx’s cameras on the back flanks of the Westwind locate two vans approaching at top speed. Both of them have a large symbol on the hood and sides:

MageHat lowers the windows and DoubleTap knew that this job was too easy.

The Take Back 1
Too Good An Offer

After their last run DoubleTap patched himself up and MageHat summoned and bound the bear spirit CâlaN. On June 30th the hawala OverZee has another job for the crew. He lets them know that their is a job available that is in the extraction business. The good record on the first run has given the crew a bit of a name for themselves.
H!jynx has a package arrive for her from Kabir at the Dubu Dubu Oja Arms Market and the team needs to pick it up. The group takes the car down to the market. A few bribes later they are at one of the centre pavilions and into Kabir’s back room. There awaiting the runners is a large metal barred cage with a tiger prowling around inside of it. Four armed men with lassos stand at attention. H!jynx and Kabir confirm that this is H!jynx’s new biodrone body.
DoubleTap and MageHat debate whether or not having a tiger around will make them more recognizable. H!jynx points out that no one has a tiger currently on the Lagos Most Wanted list. After a brief debate, DoubleTap gives in and agrees to let H!jynx have the body, mostly to annoy the dwarf.
On their way back from the Dubu Dubu the group notices that less gangers request fees, and those that do are polite about it.
The next day the crew meets with the new Johnson at the Die Nasty dive in Apapa. The place is decidedly a dump. Paint has been flaking off of the walls, the plastic tables have been scavenged from a corporate dump, and no one has been ordering or eating any of the food. A very young “waitress” escorts the team to the Johnson. He is a tall bald Igbo man in a white suit. He compliments the duo on their ‘pet’ and after drinks are ordered (and some cheese for the dwarf) they get down to business.
Mr. Johnson offers the crew a very persuasive deal: the extraction of a student named Amanda Maureen from the Lagos University. He tells them that she has no security beyond the light guard that the university provides. H!jynx has done some facial scans and cross-referencing with her Spider contact Leon. She alerts the duo over Commlink that this Johnson is connected with Tamanous. This brings up some feel bads for DoubleTap, who was already put-off from having to extract a university girl. For the job, the Johnson will offer 20,000¥ and it has to be done that night and delivered to him on the fleshway in Babagry at 00:00 July 3rd. The elf asks why she is worth 20,000¥. The girl has been reviled as one of the few possessors of the O gene that standard bioware is cultured from. The Johnson knows the deal is big and gives the crew a moment to decide. MageHat wants the juicy prize, and doesn’t mind taking the girl. H!jynx does not particularly care, but rent is due at the end of the month and they are 1000¥ short. DoubleTap says that she is worth more then the small twenty grand that they are getting. The Johnson raises the price to 25,000¥. The crew accepts the deal and the Johnson hands over the floor plan for her international dorm, a three dimensional body scan to identify her, and the upfront 10,000¥.
DoubleTap heads to The Palm to pick up some gear from Armada before they head down to the University.

First Run
Shootin' Up Ajegunle's Slums

MageHat’s hawala came through with the crew’s first job on June 16th 2072. They met OverZee at his bank at noon that day in one of his back rooms. He told them to meet Mr. Johnson at The Three Friends in Lagos Mainland proper the next day at noon. The Johnson was new on the block, but a respectable and honest one. After the meeting they went up to the Dubu Dubu Oja Arms market in Agege so H!jynx could speak with her contact Kabir, an Egun dwarf of Egyptian origins who runs electronics and drones. H!jynx keeps telling the team about getting a proper body. Back from their day out, one of the doormen tells DoubleTap that there will be a House Committee meeting on the 18th at 2 o’clock. The crew spends the rest of the day relaxing and getting ready for the their meet with the Johnson. The news on the television reports increased Igbo aggression in Ajegunle.
On the 17th the crew leaves in their Class A Westwind at 11:30 to get to The Three Friends on time for their meet. When they reach The Three Friends, a synthetic flesh android is their to meet them. The restaurant is a long hall with a bar down the side that curves off, opposite the bar are wooden and plastic tables set for two or four, and near the back where a handful of vinyl booths line the wall. People are happily chatting, eating, and lounging about at the middle class baka. She escorts them to a booth and explains that Mr. Johnson is going to be late and that they should begin their meals. DoubleTap chooses Palm Wine and local cuisine, while MageHat only eats cheese because of his fasting. Soon enough, Mr. Johnson arrives, after bowing and pleasantries everyone sits. The Johnson is a short stocky Chinese man with a linguasoft accent to his English. After the crew finishes their meal. Meanwhile from MageHat’s backpack, H!jynx is able to discover that the Johnson is a low level project manager for Wuxing Inc. that was recently transferred to Lagos named Sying Yin. Mr. Johnson explains the job as a simple extraction from the Ajegunle Slums. There is a girl held by a gang known as the 42 Tigers. They stole the girl from the Igbo and plan to sell her to a corporation. Mr. Johnson wants the girl to be delivered to him. The sooner the better. He is willing to offer 10,000¥ for safe extraction. DoubleTap thinks there is more to this than that and questions why the girl is so important. It turns out that she has been prophesied to be awakened and Mr. Johnson’s organization wants her. MageHat knows that 10,000¥ is to little and Mr. Johnson agrees to pay 15,000¥ as long as he has her by tomorrow. He gives them all the information he knows about the gang’s location and says there should be half a dozen gangers guarding her. The crews bows and leaves after the business is done.
MageHat hits up the local street mage gang leader in their neighbourhood Ebeneser and asks him about the 42 Tigers. He tells the dwarf exactly where he can find the the group of gangers, in the western side of the slums near the Igbo border. Ajegunle is mostly a dead zone and H!jynx will not be able to be effective in those regions. She will be ready in Apapa with the car at an extraction point for DoubleTap and MageHat after they have grabbed the girl.
The two runners move out into the slums after dark. They move quickly through the crowded platforms raised above the swamp on stilts and across the planks that bridge neighbourhoods and homes together. When they are in the area that Ebeneser told them the Tigers would be in MageHat summons a rat spirit to go investigate the area and look for the girl. The rat spirit bounds off and returns promptly, reporting that it had seen a young girl with eight men in a shanty that was separated by the surrounding slums with a few plank bridges to cross it. The runners move in and see the shanty with two guards outside with AK-97s. DoubleTap plans to sneak in from the east side while MageHat makes a distraction across from the shanty and casts a spell on himself to increase his reflexes. The elf turns on his camouflage and draws his ceramic knife. The dwarf bumbles around the other side and asks in Yoruba if the men know where the nearest washroom is. The two guards tell him to fuck off, but not before one of the guards notices the flickering outline of the elf sneaking towards them. The guard calls out, “Oi, issa vatjob comin’!”
DoubleTap runs forward and drives his knife into the closest guard. MageHat draws his Yamaha Sakura Fubuki and fires two bursts into the second guard. The first shot does not register in the software, but the second burst drives the man to the ground. He tries to fire back, but the bullets go past the mage and into a group of shacks behind him. Shouts from the shacks echo out. The door is kicked open while two gangers poke their guns out. The first fires two bursts at the street samurai, only for the elf to throw himself to the side and avoid the bullets. The second ganger fires at MageHat, bullets fly past the dwarf and into the shacks. There is a wet thud from the buildings behind him. He prefers to think it is their cooked devil rat falling to the floor.
The elf sheaths his dagger and quickly draws his assault rifle. Flicking the setting to full-auto he unloads bullets into the two gangers who fired out of the door. Their bloody bodies collapse to the floor. The mage notices another ganger sneaking out the side window with his pants half up. He tosses an ice sheet under at the ground and the man has a tough time staying upright. A large beast of a man, drugged up on jazz, menacingly swings an aluminum baseball bat at DoubleTap’s head. The elf does not have enough time to dodge and is smashed into the door frame, his metal arm dents the plasticard wall. Another ganger comes around from the east side and shoots at the street samurai. His bullets bounce off of the elf’s cyberarms, but the pain sensors shoot neurons into DoubleTap’s brain.
With a vengeance the elf unloads the rest of his magazine into the giant baseball bat wielding ganger. The large man’s core is filled with bullets and is sent reeling. He breaks the back wall of the shanty and falls into the lagoon. MageHat rushes over to his companion and heals him, the life essence from the dwarf flows from one to the other. Then, the final dwarf walks into the building and deals with the final ganger inside. Firing to bursts, the guard sprawls backwards into the washroom, he lands on stained porno mags, struggling to get up. From outside, the two runners can hear Igbo Area Boys charging into the 42 Tigers’ territory.
DoubleTap sees the girl in the corner tied up and unconscious on a wooden bench. Her velvet skin is covered with black bruises and dried blood cakes the inside of her legs. The hitman judges her to be eight or nine. MageHat voices over the comm: “Scorch and burn!” DoubleTap grabs the unconscious girl and smashes through the window. The dwarf walks over to the struggling guard and tosses a fireball at him. Flames eat away at the wooden floor and flesh bubbles on the dying guards. The two runners jog away from the commotion, Area Boys shoot haphazardly into shacks and slummers that fall into their sights.
After twenty minutes of jogging the two runners come to a bunch of ghouls raiding a slum neighbourhood for bodies, throwing the wailing people into a cart. To make sure they are distracted, MageHat tosses an icesheet under the cart. The ghoul pulling it falls over and the hideous creatures turn their attentions away from finding prey and towards retrieving escaped meals.
The two finally burst out from the Ajegunle and see their ride surrounded by a gangers. H!jynx sends a ping and tells them she paid them for protection. The doors pop open. The elf takes the girl into the back and the dwarf sits in the driver’s seat. They have a leisurely drive back to Mushin, MageHat heals the girl and confirms that she has a spark of awakened potential in her. When they return the doorman reminds them of the meeting tomorrow at 2:30 and they ask the prostitute living across from them for a robe for the girl. Mr. Johnson is contacted and he wants to see the crew at noon the next day in the parking lot behind The Three Friends.
At the meeting, the crew hands over the girl to Mr. Johnson and a routine of heavily armed guards with an unmarked black van. They take the girl and are paid 15,000¥ as promised, in gold bars. The Johnson asks for a number that he can contact them at. MageHat gives the Johnson the number to H!jynx’s mail node and with that the Johnson thanks the crew again and leaves.

On their way back, the dwarf gets a call from one of his contacts, Atokal, that he needs to see him as soon as possible. DoubleTap’s fixer Gus requests to see him about some urgent news. H!jynx drives MageHat to Atokal’s and tells him that she has some errands to run. MageHat goes into Atokal’s shop to find it full of wounded gangers. Atokal promises to give the dwarf binding material if he helps heal the gang, because at the moment he is short handed.

Meanwhile DoubleTap sees Gus and is told that two made men from the Papadopoulos Family are in Lagos in the baka The Palm asking around for him. Gus gives DoubleTap the address and the number to reach the owner at. The hitman calls the bartender and one quick bribe later slips in the back door of the baka and has access to one of the security cameras as one of the mafia goes into the washroom. Assorted guards and waiters block of the view from the other made man as the elf slips into the washroom. The elf cloaks and sneaks up behind the Greek man as he uses the urinal. The bathroom attendant, a muscular bald chocolate man with a goatee, mirror shades, and the words “Sweet Lovin’” scrawled across his armoured vest in graffiti shrugs as DoubleTap comes in and watches politely.
The made man notices the elf in the reflection off of the metal piping. He spins around just in time to block two tomahawks from coming down on him. Urine streams down onto DoubleTap’s leg and boots. He returns the attack with throwing his knee into the hitman’s face. DoubleTap knocks the knee to the side and hacks down again, scoring a light hit. His opponent, pistol drawn, fires into the elf’s stomach. The bullet is stopped by his armour, but a welt forms on his sternum. To finish the made man off, DoubleTap drives a tomahawk into his chest, forcing him against a stall. Blood spurts out and the soldier as he drops to the floor.
On the security camera watching the other mafia man alerted DoubleTap that the second man was coming to the washroom with a Browning Ultra-Power drawn. Sweet Lovin’ moved into the hall that connected the men’s washroom to the restaurant as the second mafia came in.
The made man had the first move, he rounded the corner and shot at DoubleTap. The elf charged and swung his tomahawks for a quick kill, but the human stepped to the side and used the momentum to his advantage to avoid the blow, and fired two shots at the elf in response. The same momentum that he used to dodge the hitman was used against him as the bullets smashed against the tiles on the wall. DoubleTap tried for another duel attack, but the mafia man dodged backwards. He returned the favour and shot DoubleTap in the chest. The bullet penetrated. Now the street samurai stood at the end of the stalls and the mafia man blocked off the door. The elf had a feeling that he knew this guy, but in the heat of the moment he could not remember. Sheathing the tomahawks, he drew his Colt instead.
DoubleTap took two shots at the made man, the first bullet sailed past, but the next bullet dug into his right shoulder. Dropping the gun, a combat spur popped up from his left arm. He charged the elf and ran his blade through the hitman’s midsection. The elf managed to parry the attack with his pistol so he was not impaled, but the spur sank into his right side. The made man drew back his spur and placed the point on DoubleTap’s head. He told the elf how Spyro had sent teams across Africa when he knew that the elf left Europe, and how lucky he was to kill one of his old partners and claim that juicy reward.
Sweet Lovin’s boss decided that that was enough and the chocolate guard came in and shot the mafia man in the back. He jolted and jittered about until he was unconscious on the ground. The bartender came in and introduced himself as Amanda MaureenArmada. A shaman came in with him and healed up DoubleTap’s spur injury, however he would not feel the same. Armada offered to replace it with a prosthetic torso, but the elf declined. Not deterred, Armada knew a favour would be in order.
DoubleTap remembered the man as Andros, another hitman for the family who sometimes went on missions with him. Andros was brought into a back room and given a shot of adrenaline to keep him alive for a little while longer, he was bleeding out fast from being shot. After some torture and interrogating, he tells the elf that a boatload of Greek Mafia, supported by the Greek Commission and under command of the Papadopoulos, were coming to Lagos to set up a new base. DoubleTap killed Andros after he learnt the information by shooting him point blank with his Colt; everything above the lower jaw became paste on the wall. Armada gave the hitman his number and told him that a favour was due. The elf agreed, but he wanted the body of Andros to dispose of himself. Armada’s butcher came in: a gaunt, skinny Yoruba man with slender arms and a cleaver removed Andros’ cybernetic enhancements before they packed him up in a body bag.
H!jynx and MageHat picked up DoubleTap from The Palm. Sweet Lovin’ helped the elf into the car and Armada tossed the remains of Andros into the trunk. Armada snapped and pointed at DoubleTap, knowing that the hitman would repay him. Back at the flat, the elf went to the roof with a garbage can and a lighter. He put the remains in the can. The Greek elf tossed in two coins. He set the body on fire and watched the flames dance out of the garbage can.


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